Modern Warfare 2 ‘Report Status Changed’ message: meaning & what to do

MW2 image with logo in the top rightActivision

A huge number of Modern Warfare 2 players are reporting being hit with a ‘Report Status Changed’ message when loading into the FPS. But what does it mean and what should players do? 

Since its launch back in October 2022, Modern Warfare 2 has had major problems with its in-game reporting system

There have been widespread reports of “false bans” stemming from spam reporting – issues which the devs have remained tight-lipped about. 

That has continued into 2023, with players now encountering messages stating they’ve been reported every time they open the game. But what does it mean specifically and how should players handle it?

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MW2 ‘Report Status Changed’ message explained

When players load up MW2, they’ve been noticing that, in the top-right corner of their screens, a couple of ‘Report Status Changed’ messages display.

The first part of the message tells you that you have been reported, and the second part explains what was the reason behind the report. 

For example, players are regularly receiving a message that their ‘Report Status Changed’ followed by ‘Offensive Chat Warning’. That means the player in question has been reported for Offensive Chats. 

Report Status Changed message in MW2Activision / Dexerto
The messages players are receiving.

However, it’s not quite that simple. Multiple players have been warned for offensive names or behavior even if they do not use an offensive moniker or a microphone in-game. 

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Is it a bug or evidence of false reporting?

Unfortunately, the cause isn’t clear. Players, though, are convinced the issue is a bug or evidence of major issues with false reporting. 

For most players, especially those who know they have not broken the MW2 terms of service (which all players sign before dropping into the game), the messages can just be ignored. 

Numerous players have reported that nothing has come of the messages, despite receiving them multiple times and across longer time frames. 

Needless to say, players who have actually broken the game’s terms of service and engaged in an offensive voice chat will likely be banned. Those who haven’t can rest more easily. 

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Activision has not commented publicly on the messages, meaning it’s still not exactly clear whether they’re a bug or something else. We will update this page if and when they respond.