Modern Warfare 2 players think “Skill Based Audio” is ruining multiplayer matches

modern warfare 2 skill based audioActivision

Modern Warfare 2 players are at odds with each other following a furious debate around the “Skill Based Audio” controversy that some believe is plaguing matches.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is steamrolling through Season One of its post-launch content, with bonafide classic maps such as Shipment ready set to return on December 14.

Activision’s latest shooter, however, is still facing a myriad of issues as new updates are implemented. From XP token problems to Perk complications, Modern Warfare 2 has no shortage of barriers to overcome.

SBMM has been a point of contention for the CoD community and now players are seemingly convinced that the devs have included “Skill Based Audio” to further increase the skill gap in Modern Warfare 2.

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CoD players debate SBMM “conspiracy theories” amid growing Modern Warfare 2 issues

The Modern Warfare 2 subreddit is engaged in a “ridiculous” debate regarding a theory that purports the game uses “Skill Based Audio.”

Redditor IVgormino brought to light a social media post that claimed “there is definitely skill-based audio in Modern Warfare 2. I can barely hear footsteps on my main account, but when I played on an account with low stats I could hear footsteps and pinpoint where they’re coming from.”

Currently sitting at over 5,000 upvotes, the Redditor expressed that “y’all gotta calm down with the conspiracy theories this is ridiculous.”

Naturally, the post has ushered in plenty of vitriol from the CoD community, with player APoliteGoose explaining: “I can’t hear anything in high skill lobbies because of the constant VTOLS and mortar barrages going off.”

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“Maybe, just maybe, when in higher skilled lobbies there’s just more activity going on (i.e. gunfire, explosions and ambiance) and those sounds just take priority over the footsteps and the game might just not process em,” said Redditor zwharton11.

Despite the mostly comedic tone of many replies, some players are taking issue with the game’s audio quality. Another added that it’s “not skill-based, just fucking broken. I’ve stood still with my teammate opening fire beside me and zero sound comes out of his gun, and no footsteps either from anyone for sporadic 10s windows at a time.”

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YouTuber’s such as TrueGameData have investigated the unique claim too, though definitive results are dependent on player opinion.

Modern Warfare Season One is set to finish in early 2023, but until then, keep updated with any and all updates.