Modern Warfare 2 player reveals outstanding inflatable decoy trick

Modern Warfare 2 characters next to game logoActivision

A Modern Warfare 2 player discovered the perfect use for an inflatable decoy, which works like a charm in multiplayer and Warzone.

Modern Warfare 2’s introduction of the drill charge and inflatable decoy provided players with new tools for engaging in gunfights. Players praised the drill charge as CoD’s “best addition” in years but couldn’t replicate the same initial success with the inflatable decoy.

Using a drill charge doesn’t require a lot of finesse. Players can throw the lethal at a wall and kill unsuspecting enemies hiding behind. Using an inflatable decoy requires more strategy and situational awareness, and we have already seen plenty of disastrous blunders.

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Finally, an MW2 player found the perfect use for inflatable decoys after months of trial and error. Sniper rifle users have struggled to find success, but this trick could help give them a much-needed leg up.

Inflatable Decoy MW2 WZ2Activision
Modern Warfare 2 added inflatable decoys as a new Field Upgrade.

Modern Warfare 2 community lauds inflatable decoy trick

The inflatable decoy is a field upgrade that deploys a dummy soldier when activated. It can be used to fake and distract enemies if used correctly.

An MW2 player shared “a little lesson in trickery” using an inflatable decoy. Deploying the bait forced the enemy to fire at the dummy, opening a perfect window of opportunity for an easy snipe.

One player responded, “for all this game’s problems, some of the new equipment is awesome. It does a lot wrong, but my god, it does a lot right.”

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A second community member added, “I can’t believe I never thought of that.”

Not only do inflatable decoys serve as a helpful distraction, but if deployed right under an enemy, it kills them.

As the game evolves, players will find more creative and clever uses for the handy decoy.