CoD player expertly shows how not to use inflatable decoys in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 gameplayActivision

Inflatable decoys provide a great distraction in Warzone 2, but who knew they would also distract the user?

Modern Warfare 2 introduced a plethora of new equipment items and killstreaks, which translated perfectly to Warzone 2. Players will be all too familiar with bomb drones swooping in to end their lives or the sound of a drill charge preparing to explode.

Warzone 2 also added AI bots littered around Al Mazrah, sometimes making it difficult to spot real enemies. Inflatable decoys are another new addition, perfect for distracting enemies and adding yet another layer of confusion.

With so many distractions, it would be easy to understand if someone got confused during a match. However, you can’t help but laugh as a player lost a Warzone 2 round because of their own inflatable decoy.

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Inflatable Decoy MW2 WZ2Activision
Modern Warfare 2 added inflatable decoys as a new Field Upgrade.

Inflatable decoy costs Warzone 2 squad

A Warzone 2 player thought they pulled one over on the enemy team using an inflatable decoy, but it hilariously backfired. The user turned the corner and shot at the decoy they had just deployed, allowing an enemy to come from behind and take them out.

One could only imagine the trash-talking going on in proximity chat if they caught wind of the disastrous blunder.

One player responded, “Oh my god, I was not expecting it to go this way, but that was so funny.”

A second user added, “This is like me falling for my own decoy grenades in multiplayer, but worse.”

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Community members couldn’t believe what they saw as a third user chimed in, “I straight up was expecting some John Wick… but this would do.”

It will take time to learn how to use all of Warzone 2’s new innovations, but this is a classic example of how not to use inflatable decoys in the battle royale sequel.