Modern Warfare 2 mythbusters reveal single most amusing way to kill an enemy

Modern Warfare 2 gameplayActivision / YouTube: DefendTheHouse

Resident Call of Duty mythbusters DefendTheHouse have revealed what’s perhaps the most amusing way to kill an enemy in Modern Warfare 2: With a fire extinguisher.

There’s no denying the CoD series always gives plenty of hilarious options in which to take down your opposition. Whether it’s a brutal execution, a jaw-dropping no-scope, or even just lethal damage from a piece of tactical equipment, there’s often nothing sweeter than an embarrassing kill.

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It’s the ultimate form of punishment in any given release and this year’s Modern Warfare 2 is no different. As always, the game provides a number of unique opportunities to leave your opponents stumped and your whole squad laughing.

However, prominent CoD mythbusters over at DefendTheHouse may have just uncovered the most hilarious method to dispatch of your foes in Modern Warfare 2. As it turns out, you can actually kill enemies with a fire extinguisher in the latest CoD title.

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When testing various myths in volume two of their Modern Warfare 2 series, the crew at the long-running DefendTheHouse YouTube channel looked to experiment with fire extinguishers. This fire safety equipment can only be found in certain spots on a handful of maps, but as they discovered, it’s more deadly than you might think.

Simply by shooting at any given fire extinguisher, you can cause them to explode and deal “a lot of damage” to enemies in their vicinity. While it’s not quite lethal in itself, it’s plenty of damage to finish off a wounded target.

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The fire extinguisher myth is tested at the 11:04 mark below.

As showcased in the video, with just a single pistol shot to the foot of an enemy followed by the fire extinguisher detonation, it’s more than enough to knock them dead. So if you happen to get an enemy tagged in prime position near one of these, you know exactly what to do.

Damaging a fire extinguisher and causing their death with an inanimate object would just be the ultimate embarrassment. Execute it just right and you’re sure to have your enemies scratching their heads in no time trying to figure out what just happened.

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