Modern Warfare 2 leaks suggest slide canceling will depend on Beta feedback

Modern Warfare character sprintingActivision

Fresh Modern Warfare 2 leaks suggest that the inclusion of slide canceling will depend on Beta feedback, with Infinity Ward eager to tailor the game in accordance with fan preference. 

Slide canceling has been a major topic of discussion in the Call of Duty community for some time now. 

While rookies of the series may not know the term, any player with a couple of CoD titles under their belt will likely be aware of the controversy that surrounds the movement mechanic.

In short, slide canceling sees players manipulate the in-game Tactical Sprint mechanic to move as quickly as possible around the map. Instead of losing momentum after sliding, players are able to maintain maximum speed via slide canceling. 

It’s been a contentious mechanic for years, with some players arguing it is an exploit, but others claiming that it is there for players to use and so they are entitled to do so. 

Ahead of Modern Warfare 2, the debate shows no sign of stopping. 

Modern Warfare 2 slide canceling will allegedly rest on Beta feedback

New leaks come by way of Metaphor, a reputable insider who has leaked information on Warzone 2 and other CoD titles in the past. 

In a series of September 8 tweets, they outlined that a decision on slide canceling will “probably” depend on community reaction. 

“Slide cancelling won’t be in the beta,” they stated. “But they [Infinity Ward] have the option to turn it on and off (probably waiting for community reaction).” 

Plenty of CoD pros have spoken strongly on slide canceling in the past, but its exact spot in MW2 will be hard to determine without a proper feel for how it fits into the game’s matches and overall pacing. 

The Beta is currently set to take place over two periods. The first will be PlayStation exclusive and take place from September 16-17 (for those with early access) before being open to all on September 18-20. 

The second period is cross-platform, open to those with early access from September 22-23 and to all from September 24-26. 

While Metaphor has shared details correctly in the past, these leaks (like all) should not be taken as confirmed unless Activision or Infinity Ward break their silence over slide canceling. 

For now, though, it appears that the entire beta will proceed without the controversial movement mechanic.