Modern Warfare 2 leak claims two fan-favorite maps returning in Season 1 update


Modern Warfare 2 players familiar with the Multiplayer playlist “Shoot The ship” could be in store for great news, as leaks hinted at the two popular maps coming during Season 1.

In the MW2 launch blog, Activision confirmed a “fan favorite” map is coming on November 16, alongside the release of Warzone 2. The developers also announced a “legendary” multiplayer map is entering the fray on December 14.

Modern Warfare 2’s best detectives got on the case, trying to uncover both maps. Players discovered classic MW2 (2009) maps Highrise and Terminal by going into a private match and flying around as a spectator. Unfortunately, eager veterans may have to wait until 2023 to relive those classic environments.

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Leaks suggest that Shoot House and Shipment are the maps coming to Modern Warfare 2 in the Season 1 update.

Call of Duty gameplay on Shoot HouseActivision
Shoot House was one of the first DLC maps added to Modern Warfare following its 2019 release.

Leaks suggest Shoot House and Shipment coming to MW2

CharlieINTEL reported: “Recent leaks have stated that the fan-favorite maps that Activision has for Season 01 of Modern Warfare II are Shoot House and Shipment.”

Shoot House was a DLC map added to Modern Warfare 2019 shortly after the game’s release. It became an instant hit for grinding camos and going on Nuke runs.

Shipment needs no introduction. The classic environment first appeared in Call of Duty 4 and is the smallest map in Call of Duty series history, making it the perfect proving ground for Free-for-All or fast-paced games.

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Modern Warfare 2’s Farm 18 map was inspired by Shoot House. The developers aimed to create a similar “Shoothopuse-type situation” in the middle of Farm 18 while allowing different playstyles in other map areas.”

We will provide an update when the MW2 Season 1 blog releases on November 9.