Luminosity’s Slacked Explains How the Team Has Adapted to FormaL and Improved at CWL Anaheim

Calum Patterson

When FormaL first moved to Luminosity from OpTic Gaming, fans expected the already formidable roster to improve their consistency, but things didn’t go exactly to plan at first.

In their first seven matches in Division B of the CWL Pro League Stage Two, the roster won only three, only two of which were convincing as they only just bettered eUnited in a game five.

The team’s losses stuck out even more however, after losing 3-1 to Rise and being humbled in a 3-0 sweep by FormaL’s former team OpTic, they went on to lose to Mindfreak and UNILAD in 3-2 defeats.

With little break before setting off to Anaheim for their first open event as a roster, most fans had much lower expectations than when they had initially formed, but somehow they turned it around.

They emerged from pool play in 2nd place, with a 3-1 record (10-5 map count) and continued their run in the elimination matches, beating OpTic 3-1, before dropping to Red Reserve 1-3 and falling to the losers bracket.

They took out FaZe and UNILAD in 3-0 sweeps before eventually being eliminated once again at the hands of Red Reserve in another 1-3.

But the improvement was obvious, and Slacked has now explained how LG turned it round so quickly, adapting to playing with FormaL instead of Sam “Larew” Octane.

“We ended up going 3-4 in the league, but that actually ended up helping us tremendously. Switching players between Octane and FormaL, they’re like two completely different AR players. So it was just relearning chemistry as a team and as a unit.”

Slacked also explains that they were previously poor in all three game modes, because they needed to adapt to the different way FormaL played as an AR compared to Octane.

We had to do that in every single game mode. So hardpoint obviously, two out of the five games we got to figure that one out. We were really, really bad at it, went through a lot of time and practice on it. We sat down in a private match, went over setups and things like that.

As far as Search and Destroy goes, we only lost three S&D’s over the entire weekend somehow, when at the league we weren’t too good at it. We spent a lot of time figuring out strategies, what’s comfortable for everyone.

We’ve still obviously got a lot of work to do, but we’ve really, really progressed from day one. Day one we were getting smoked by every single team, and now, I’m pretty confident we could win a championship with our team.

You can watch the full video from Slacked’s YouTube channel below, as he discusses how the team has improved and a recap of CWL Anaheim.

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