Luminosity CoD's woes far from over as FormaL makes ominous post-Anaheim comment

Eli Becht

Following weeks of struggling with Luminosity Gaming, Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper hinted at a desire to join another team following another defeat at CWL Anaheim.

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While Luminosity Gaming was riding high following a big win at CWL Fort Worth to secure their first championship of the season, things have been going downhill every since, leading many to be on the lookout for a major roster move. 

Luminosity confirmed themselves that team morale isn’t at a good point as recently as May when they benched Pierce ‘Gunless’ Hillman ahead of CWL Anaheim.

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Given this, it’s not a surprise to see FormaL finally speaking out and heavily hinting at moving on during the final roster period of the Black Ops 4 season. 

With this public call to be picked up by another team, it does seem like there’s a good chance he could latch on with someone else before the final roster shakeup concludes.

CWL Anaheim has only just concluded but we’ve already seen a couple of moves made and there will likely be several more on the way, as the roster window is significantly smaller than the previous two before it.

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This final roster window wraps up June 20, meaning there is a just a couple of days instead of weeks for any adjustments to be made so if a move is made, expect to see it a lot sooner rather than later.

As is the case with any Rostermania period, there’s bound to be some moves that come out of left field and surprise everyone. 

Will Luminosity make a move?

Nothing has been announced as of yet but with a player clearly wanting out, it should be no surprise if a move is made. LG once again underwhelmed at CWL Anaheim, leaving many questions at where to go from here.

We’ll keep you updated if and when a move is made by not only Luminosity but the rest of the teams as well.

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