JGOD runs Warzone FOV experiment to test the disadvantage for console players

JGOD FOV experimentYouTube: JGOD

Call of Duty YouTuber JGOD has conducted an experiment comparing the FOV of console & PC players on Warzone and the results are astounding.

Despite Warzone reaching its fifth season and players looking forward to the huge changes coming with Call of Duty: Vanguard, one topic continues to be discussed and has been since the game’s inception.

We’re of course talking about FOV and the inability to change it on console. While some players claim the lack of a FOV slider on console is a minor inconvenience, others argue it’s holding them back in tournaments and overall play.

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To settle the debate, Warzone YouTuber JGOD decided to conduct his own experiment and compare players on both PC and console side by side.

FOV Warzone sliderTreyarch/Activision
There is currently no way for console players to increase their FOV on Warzone.

JGOD compares Warzone FOV between console & PC players

The FOV debate in Warzone all revolves around the fact that console players cannot increase their FOV above 80, whereas PC players can change theirs to a maximum of 120.

As a result of this, PC players are able to see significantly more on their screens compared to those on consoles, making it easier to spot enemies.

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In his experiment, JGOD spectated a set of console & PC streamers in the same tournament and synced up their perspectives so he could compare the exact differences between their point of view.

He showcased that the PC players using 120 FOV could see almost twice as much as the console players, even showing some scenarios where it would have been impossible for a console player to spot an enemy.

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After concluding his experiment, JGOD noted that Raven Software needs to add a FOV slider for consoles, even if it only gives them the ability to set it to 100.

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Despite this, he also mentioned that during a standard Warzone match it’s likely that it wouldn’t make too much of a difference for the majority of players. According to him, these changes are most important for Warzone console pros, as they should be on a level playing field with PC players.

Finally, he also voiced that he thinks FOV is used as an excuse by everyday players a little too much, as the skill gap in normal Warzone matches will usually be leveled out.

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There’s been no indication from developers about an FOV slider for console players, but it’s definitely a glaring issue in competitive play. In an environment where a set of talented players are competing for a prize pool. it’s key no one is given any advantages, no matter what system they’re playing on.

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