Console Warzone players baffled by unique video showing impact of FOV

Theo Salaun
Warzone FOV showcase

Call of Duty: Warzone players exist in two different worlds: console and PC. Now, a unique, artsy video is shocking the former group, as it shows PlayStation and Xbox players just how much FOV can change your perception of speed.

Field of view plays an important role in video games, as it can impact both the information you’re able to gather and how you perceive things. In Warzone, it’s become a hot topic as console players (including PS5 and Xbox Series X users) hope for the FOV Slider options their PC counterparts enjoy.

Unlike console players, who are restricted to 80 FOV, PC players can push their settings all the way up to 120. That gives them more peripheral vision to see enemies, but can also make guns feel like they have less recoil (as with the C58 Royal & Kross scope).

One thing that casual viewers notice when watching Warzone streamers is that said streamers look much faster. And that is also attributed to FOV. As shown in a unique video that was cross-posted to the Warzone subreddit, FOV dramatically impacts how you perceive speed.

In the video, which was initially posted to the ‘woahdude’ subreddit, you can see a first-person view of a train conductor looking forward. The clip starts zoomed all the way out and it feels like the train is moving quite quickly. 

Then, as the lens shifts further inward, the sensation of speed is slowed. By the time it has zoomed all the way in, with the lowest FOV, it feels like the train must be casually strolling down the tracks.

The entire video is a trippy experience and it has baffled Warzone players, who immediately saw the parallel between FOV Slider changes between PC and console. A number of comments center on responses like “this really puts it into perspective.”

FOV slider in Warzone and Modern Warfare
Infinity Ward / u/shlammysammy
Here’s how much difference between 60 FOV (console default) and 120 FOV.

For additional perspective, one needs to look no further (pun intended) than Dead Silence. Console players may have noticed how much faster they feel with Dead Silence equipped and, apparently, that’s because it changes the FOV from 80 to 90.

At the moment, it’s unclear when FOV Slider changes may come to console. In the meantime, at least there’s a cool video we all got to enjoy… and an explanation for why PC players seem to move so darn quick.