JGOD reveals Warzone attachment hidden ability to decrease ADS speed

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Warzone guru JGOD has done some secret stat digging and discovered that the On-Hand weapon attachment actually has a hidden ability that decreases your ADS speed.

As one of the most trusted Warzone analysts in the community, JGOD is constantly finding new tactics that players can take advantage of.

Whether it’s tips to level up weapons in a quick manner or building loadouts plenty of pro players use, his takes are respected by the community.

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His latest discovery could be the most ground-breaking as he’s revealed in a video that an attachment has hidden powers.

JGOD shows Warzone attachment to lower ADS speed

From his March 19 YouTube video, JGOD takes a look at the On-Hand attachment that Vanguard weapons have. While it says it increased equipment dexterity, it actually has a secret power.

When using On-Hand players will receive a faster ADS team, despite the item not mentioning that it can do this. From his testing you can see that without it, he scopes in at 717 milliseconds.

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Now, with On-Hand equipped, his ADS speed goes down to 684 milliseconds. While it might not seem like a huge deal, this could actually mean life or death as enemies can live with one health.

Also, since Warzone plans to nerf TTK by increasing the ADS time of all weapons, this could become a must-use attachment.

On-Hand warzone attachmentsOn-Hand actually provides players with a lower ADS speed, despite not saying it does.

JGOD says that this is definitely better to use over something like Fully Loaded since the 30 milliseconds will be noticeable after a hefty amount of games.

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He also thinks that there are a handful of other attachments in the game that give hidden stats but people just aren’t aware of it. So, he hopes in future updates that the descriptions get more in-depth to benefit the player base.