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Fastest method to max out Warzone weapons in 1 hour explained by JGOD

Published: 16/Mar/2022 11:30

by Nathan Warby


The grind of your getting weapons to max level in Warzone can be a painful one, taking up hours upon hours of precious time. Luckily, with this easy method shared by JGOD, every attachment can be earned in under 60 minutes.

Warzone players put a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect weapon that suits their playstyle, while also fitting in with the meta. But before building a devastating loadout, they must first level up that weapon to unlock all of the attachments.

This can be a painfully slow process in regular battle royale matches, especially when trying to level the much grindier Vanguard guns.


Thankfully, CoD expert JGOD has revealed a method where leveling up becomes a breeze, and players can hit the maximum level on a single weapon in just an hour.

STG44 Warzone loadout screen
Leveling up weapons can take hours of regular gameplay.

JGOD reveals how to reach max weapon level in Warzone in one hour

In his March 14 video, JGOD revealed that the optimal way to rack up weapon XP quickly is by completing Contracts on Rebirth Island. He advised players to apply a Double XP Token, as well as ask every member of their squad to equip the Pointman Perk.

Contracts in Warzone don’t always pay out a huge amount of weapon XP, but after each one your multiplier bonus goes up, and the rewards can grow at a rapid pace.


JGOD outlined that if you’re in an efficient party where everyone is focused on Contracts, it’s possible to tick off around 15 in a single match of Rebirth Island. This amounts to roughly 17,000 XP, rising to 34,000 when factoring in the Double XP Token.

Modern Warfare weapons tend to require around 115,000 XP to reach max level, while Vanguard and Cold War guns need closer to 145,000 XP. Given that matches on Rebirth Island tend to last just 11 or 12 minutes, weapons can be maxed out in just shy of an hour if you can spam Contracts consistently enough.

Here’s a quick step-by-step recap on how to reach max weapon level in one hour:


  1. Activate a Double XP Token in the menu
  2. Ensure that everyone in your squad has Pointman equipped in the Perk 2 slot
  3. Drop into a game of Rebirth Island
  4. Equip the weapon you wish to level up
  5. Focus solely on completing Contracts as a squad
  6. Aim to tick off around 15 per match
  7. Repeat until you reach max level

If it’s not possible to find a full squad to help with the grind, JGOD still believed that it’s possible to achieve the same goal in two hours, hammering out seven or eight Contracts instead of 15. He recommended that players seek out Big Game Bounties, regular Bounties, and Supply Drops, as these will pay out the most XP.

This very same method can also be done on Clash, but it does come with a handful of issues. The number of Contracts available per match is significantly lower, and the multiplier for each one completed doesn’t ramp up at the same rate.


Leveling up weapons in Warzone can be an arduous task, especially if it’s a brand new weapon like the Vargo 52. With this relatively easy technique, players can drastically cut the time and get back into action with the exact attachments they want.