JackFrags says most “broken thing” in Warzone 2 is not actually a weapon


JackFrags and WillfromWork showed just why more players should be using the LTV in Warzone 2.

In Warzone 1, players used Cargo Trucks to rotate into better positions and even run over enemies. The meta got so out of hand some final circles only featured players in vehicles. Activision nerfed vehicles in Warzone 2 by introducing a fuel system, forcing players to refuel at gas stations.

The developers also introduced Drill Charges, a lethal equipment item designed to immobilize vehicles. Despite actions being taken to cut down on the effectiveness of vehicles, YouTubers JackFrags and WillfromWork explained why the LTV is “broken.”

JackFrags explains why the LTV is “broken”

Warzone 2 team rolling around Al-Mazrah in a vehicle.Activision
Warzone 2 team rolling around Al-Mazrah in a LTV.

Warzone 2 added the LTV as a new vehicle. The heavily armored truck is not only extremely fast but also lasts over four minutes on one tank of gas and provides plenty of protection.

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JackFrags and WillfromWork put on a show with the LTV in two battle royale matches.

“I think we found our favorite thing to do. We made a tank, WillfromWork claimed.”

Will drove as Jack shredded through enemies while standing on the roof with a TAQ-56 and Signal 50. The LTV allowed the duo to fly around Al Mazrah with little fear of being stopped.

The pair failed to win their first match using the “tank,” but for round two, Jack used the LTV to chase down the final team and got out to secure the win.

After the win, Will said that their win “once again that the LTV is meta.”

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Jack agreed and claimed that the LTV is “the best thing in the game.”

If you are worried about getting taken out while driving, putting a Trophy System on top of the LTV prevents any throwables from destroying the vehicle.