Is Dark Matter camo returning to CoD Mobile? Devs update players on future camos

Connor Bennett
Dark Matter camo on the ICR

Having different completionist camos has always been a big ask from Call of Duty Mobile fans, with Dark Matter ranking atop the most requested charts. So, here’s what we know about its possible return. 

For years, Call of Duty players have asked for a game that takes a little bit from previous games and puts it under one umbrella. On console, that’s not happened – even though we have had a few fan-favorites being remade.

Call of Duty Mobile fills that void, though, by taking fan favorites features, weapons, modes, maps, and characters and putting them all into one game.

Though, one thing has been lacking for the most part – completionist camos. These camos, like Dark Matter, Diamond, and Gold have been available in other CoD games before, but only sparingly in CoD Mobile.

Black Ops Cold War gameplay
Dark Matter returned in Black Ops Cold War, after being available in older Black Ops games.

Will Dark Matter return to CoD Mobile?

Diamond camo was finally made available not too long ago, but Dark Matter, which has only been released for the ICR-1 and Razorback still remains a popular request from fans.

With each new update, the devs field questions about its return, and they’ve lifted the lid on the possibility a few times, including on February 6. “We also love the epic and well known Dark Matter camo,” they said, noting how they’ve not used in the same completionist way as other games.

“We aren’t quite sure on the future of that one as a result of that murkiness with it being an earned camo vs a paid camo. It may return in the future, but at the moment there aren’t any immediate plans to do so.”

As the devs note, it is a different one to figure out, but they’ve not closed the door on the chance of it happening.

At the end of the day, they also left the door open for a Diamond camo return and that happened. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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