How to get CDL team skins in Black Ops Cold War & Warzone

Connor Bennett
Atlanta FaZe skin in Cold War as a player uses a sniper

Skins and cosmetic packs for Call of Duty League teams are now available in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Here’s how you can get your hands on them.

The Call of Duty League is set to start its highly anticipated second season on February 11, as teams dive into competitive Black Ops Cold War action. 

We’ve already had the pre-season warm-up event, and Power Rankings are starting to take shape, and after a bit of waiting the teams are now represented in-game with their respective team packs. 

Just like in Modern Warfare last year, and some other CoD’s before it, these team packs let you represent your favorite team in multiplayer as well as in Warzone with a few different cosmetics. 

Dallas Empire team pack in Black Ops Cold War
Each team has their own unique pack in Cold War and Warzone.

Like last year, you get two different operator skins, a weapon camo, as well as a watch, spray, sticker for your gun, calling card, and emblem. You also get a charm for your weapons which takes the form of a sneaker decked out in your team’s colors. 

Just like the black and white Call of Duty League operators, these team packs can be found in the Franchise Store section of the Item Shop. Simply click on it, and you’ll be shown the different options.

From there, go over to the team’s pack you want to buy, click into it again, and then you’ll have the option to buy. These packs cost £8.39/$9.99 each, and can’t be bought with any CoD Points you might have stocked up.

How to get CDL team packs in Black Ops Cold War

  1. Load up Black Ops Cold War or Warzone
  2. Head to the Item Shop menu
  3. Click on Franchise Store
  4. Find the team you want to buy
  5. Press purchase and complete the order!

All CDL team skins in Cold War & Warzone

All 12 of the Call of Duty League teams are represented, and each come with their different styles.

So, you can pick up more than one if you want to support different teams – or if you just like the look of a few different skins. 

The CoD League has also announced that viewer rewards will also return in Season 2, and you can get these by linking your YouTube and Activision accounts.

So, we might see some more cosmetics as the year unfolds, just like the special CoD Champs packs from last year.