Insane Warzone Crossbow exploit destroys choppers in one shot

Warzone crossbowActivision / Treyarch

A new Warzone’s crossbow bug has transformed the medieval weapon into an extremely deadly anti-aircraft launcher and players aren’t happy. 

Warzone Season 4 has certainly gotten off to a rough start and just like with previous Seasons, fans are discovering plenty of weird and whacky bugs and exploits. From map glitches breaking players’ aim to annoying exploits that enable squads to clip into building roofs, the popular BR title is always filled with game-breaking problems. 

However, the latest issue involves the game’s crossbow. This weapon is usually only picked as a troll weapon and sees very little play in Warzone’s wider meta. After all, its slow projectile speed and lackluster DPS makes it rather unwieldy. While it may struggle to outgun players, one savvy player has found that it makes an extremely deadly anti-aircraft weapon. 

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Bizzare Crossbow exploit found in Warzone Season 4

Warzone crossbowActivision
The R1 Shadowhunter Crossbow is proving problematic in Season 4.

The R1 Shadowhunter Crossbow was added to Warzone during the Season 2 update and, since then, it has seen very little play across Verdansk. However, a new exploit could quickly change that. 

“Not only can the R1 crossbow kill Helicopters in one shot, but It can also destroy friendly heli’s too,” says Demolitions75. During the clip uploaded to the official Call of Duty Reddit page, the player shows just how lethal the R1 Shadowhunter can be. 

After carefully leading their shots, Demolitions75 downs numerous enemy helicopters with relative ease. If that wasn’t terrifying enough, the exploit also works for downing friendly squad members who dare to take to the skies. 

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According to the players, this exploit is likely a bug that involves the R1 bolt colliding with the helicopter and the game treating it as if the vehicle hit a non-world object. Interestingly, the exploit doesn’t work all the time. 

“From what I can tell, the heli has to be tilted slightly and moving full speed, says Demolitions75. “You [also] don’t get any credit for a kill or vehicle destruction. It is treated as if the pilot crashed and suicided.” 

It’s certainly a bizarre exploit and one that Raven Software will need to fix fast before more players begin to utilize it. For now, though, it’s best to avoid using helicopters if you wish to stave off a frustrating death. 

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