Warzone devs promise fix for map glitch breaking players aim

Alex Garton. Last updated: Jul 08, 2021
Warzone stair glitch

Raven Software has promised a fix for the Warzone stair glitch that prevents players from aiming down sight after they’ve left the slide animation.

When it comes to FPS’s, Warzone is regarded as one of the most popular and exciting titles in the genre. However, despite having a huge player base, it’s built up a reputation for having a countless amount of frustrating bugs.

While some of these glitches can be shrugged off by the community, others can completely ruin the gameplay experience and cause players to be eliminated for seemingly no reason at all.

Despite this, if players submit clips of these issues, Raven will sometimes address them directly and give them an update on when they can expect the bug to be fixed.

Well, that’s exactly what happened when Twitch streamer DanimuhL posted a clip of the ADS stair glitch to Twitter.

Stairs Warzone
Warzone was released back in March of 2020.

Raven Software promise fix for Warzone stair glitch

During his Warzone stream, DanimuhL attempted to push a player who was sitting on a set of stairs in a building. Looking to surprise his opponent, he slid next to the staircase and attempted to ADS at the enemy.

Unfortunately, a bug prevented him from doing so, resulting in him dying and being eliminated from the match. DanimuhL then took to Twitter and posted the clip, tagging Activision and Raven Software.

Shortly after doing so, the devs replied, saying that the stair glitch is a known issue and they have a fix for it which will be rolled out in an upcoming update.

According to the comments in the thread of the tweet, this issue is affecting both PC and console players.

Although there’s a lot of glitches in Warzone that need addressing, this is one that affects players regularly, so it’s great to see the devs are finally on top of it.

Let’s hope the fix is added in the next game update and players can slide downstairs without being impeded by this frustrating bug.