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Immortals CEO Noah Whinston Admits tK Kenny’s Ability on CoD Has Won Him Over

Published: 20/Aug/2018 15:37 Updated: 20/Aug/2018 15:57

by Virginia Glaze


Immortals CEO Noah Winston praised KuavoKenny’s impressive play at the Call of Duty World League Championships in a congratulatory Tweet.

His comment comes in lieu of Team Kaliber’s performance, where they placed an impressive second behind eventual winners, Evil Geniuses.

Team Kaliber worked their way through winner bracket before facing off against EG in the WB final, but were sent to the loser bracket where they dispatched of FaZe Clan to get another shot at EG.

Although they were ultimately defeated in the grand final, Team Kaliber’s strength was nothing to sniff at as they put on an epic show for the thousands in attendance and hundreds of thousands watching at home.

Although Noah admitted that he’d never watched much Call of Duty, Kenny’s performance in Grand Finals struck a cord with the Immortals’ CEO.

Immortals CEO Noah Winston comments on Kenny’s play for Team Kaliber.

While the Immortals have yet to pick up a team for Call of Duty, they are no stranger to FPS titles – with a unit for Rainbow 6 Siege and CS:GO, could CoD might be their next team shooter?

Kenny’s status as Astro Gaming’s Stage 2 MVP in the CWL also marks a gold star on his resume. Combined with his stellar performance at CoD Champs, Kenny could very well be looking at a slew of offers from multiple teams following TK’s impressive play throughout the WWII season.

Kenny has likewise expressed a desire to leave Team Kaliber. Following a vlog uploaded by team leader Justin ‘KOSDFF’ Chandler, and tK’s star player made a slew of statements regarding poor pay, property theft, and an ultimate feeling of disrespect.

Now that the CWL has officially wrapped up, tK’s impressive performance this season could mean a serious reorganization for the group ahead of Black Ops 4.

Whether or not Kenny remains with the team is yet to be seen, and Noah’s Tweet could have been nothing more than an innocent remark. Only time will tell if both Kenny and the Immortals will see major changes in their competitive futures.

Call of Duty

CoD streamer stunned after winning Warzone match despite dying

Published: 28/Nov/2020 11:24

by Daniel Cleary


Popular Twitch streamer its_iron was stunned after he managed to pick up an extremely lucky win during his Warzone broadcast, despite dying in the final 1v1 duel for the victory.

Picking up wins in Call of Duty’s battle royale, Warzone, can prove to be quite challenging for even the best of players, as you have to outlast 150 players in a single match to come out on top.

However, one Warzone streamer its_iron managed to pick up a bizarre victory, even surprising himself after somehow winning the battle royale match when he had been downed by his final opponent.

Warzone operator running with gun

During his November 27 Warzone broadcast, Its_iron had attempted to run the final player over with his cargo truck, but they had managed to explode the vehicle just in time with an airstrike killstreak, downing the streamer’s character in the process.

With the opponent running towards him to confirm the kill, the streamer had already admitted defeat and began praising the player for his clever tactic to counter his idea. “What a play, good stuff,” he admitted, thinking he had lost the Warzone match, “I can’t even be upset that at that one, heck of a play.”

However, as the Twitch streamer had picked up a self-revive Kit earlier in the game, the game did not end when he went down, and he was shocked to realize that he had actually won the game when he looked back at his screen.

“I never even saw him call in the [airstrike] either” he added, before reading his chat and discovering he picked up the win, “I won? No…he killed himself with the airstrike?”

Despite securing the win, the streamer revealed he did not feel as if he had earned it, adding that the other player had deserved it instead. “I feel bad, that’s unfortunate. I don’t feel like I won that,” he said.

While the airstrike initially worked well against the streamer, his final opponent was likely unaware of the second bombing run and eager to secure the kill before its_iron could use his self-revive to get back in the fight.