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Kenny Lashes Out at Team Kaliber Following “Disrespectful” Video from KOSDFF and Nudah

Published: 23/Jul/2018 10:11 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 17:17

by Ross Deason


Kenny ‘Kenny’ Williams has expressed a desire to leave Team Kaliber’s Call of Duty team after the organization’s owner, Justin ‘KOSDFF’ Chandler, posted a vlog where the player felt disrespected.

The vlog in question shows Clayton ‘Nudah’ Huddleston, who is currently staying at the TK house after being asked to leave the SoaR house, wearing some of Kenny’s clothes while KOSDFF says “and then he stole all of Kenny’s clothes, so fuck you Kenny”.


Kenny quickly responded to the video, timestamping the moment in question and saying “this supposed to be funny?” before posting another Tweet laughing at people that are telling him its “it’s just clothes”.

Another Tweet saying “always loyal to” followed by a trash emoji was later deleted but screenshots of it have been shared online by members of the /r/CoDCompetitive subreddit.


As well as this, a Twitch clip has surfaced that shows Kenny saying he wants out of the organization and that they do not pay him the minimum required salary for CWL Pro League teams:

“I cannot wait to leave this trash ass org,

“Who can’t even pay us the bare minimum of fucking league salary,

“Can’t pay me the minimum of the league salary and he’s got other fools wearing my clothes”

KOSDFF was quick to respond to the escalating situation, saying that he and Nudah had thought it funny that he could fit into Kenny’s clothes after his weight loss and that they “honestly thought he’d find it funny”.

KOSDFF states that they have apologised to Kenny for the confusion and that Nudah “feels terrible too”.


The TK owner has also responded to the claims about the team’s salary, saying that each player is paid $5,000 per month and the the organization has “poured considerable resources” into supporting the team.

Following KOSDFF’s apology, Kenny once again took to Twitter to say that he has nothing against Justin (KOSDFF) and that he said what he said in the heat of the moment.

However, the 18 year old SMG star doesn’t back down entirely, saying that he still finds the whole situation disrespectful.


Kenny has been playing for Team Kaliber since October of 2017 and was a key component in their back-to-back championships at CWL Dallas and CWL New Orleans at the start of the WWII season.

The teenager is widely regarded as one of the most talented players in the game and, given his age, one of the hottest prospects for future titles.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Mobile adds Blackout map Alcatraz to battle royale mode

Published: 15/Oct/2020 6:06 Updated: 15/Oct/2020 6:37

by Brad Norton


Call of Duty Mobile’s Anniversary update is in full effect to celebrate the launch of Season 11 and a few big surprises are on the way, including a limited time second map for the battle royale mode.

It’s the one year anniversary of CoD Mobile and the developers are celebrating in a big way. The full Season 11 patch notes outlined a bunch of new content on the horizon. From new rewards and weapons to a full Battle Pass and plenty more, there’s a ton to play for amidst the festivities.


However, there’s also plenty more excitement set to carry the hype through the entire season. Chief among the additions is a special, limited-time map coming just for the battle royale playlist. If you’re a long-time Call of Duty player, you’ll know the location all too well.

Blackout’s Alcatraz map will be available to play alongside the standard Isolated battle royale map you know already. 

Blackout map
Blackout’s Alcatraz map is making a return for a limited time in CoD Mobile.

“For our Anniversary Season we’re adding a limited time second map with Alcatraz,” the developers revealed on October 14. This location hasn’t been seen in Call of Duty since Black Ops 4’s take on the battle royale genre with Blackout.

If you weren’t around for its original run, Blackout is a considerably smaller map than what you might be used to in CoD Mobile. “Keep your head on a swivel and take advantage of the map’s verticality,” they advised. “Get up high and rain destruction on your enemies below.”

Similar to Warzone for PC and console players, plenty of vehicles were scattered around the original Blackout map. Expect to see some of those make a return, though every other gameplay element will play exactly the same as you’re used to.


It’s worth noting, however, that this map won’t be a permanent addition to the mobile experience. Alcatraz is included for the Anniversary celebration before it disappears again. Though given how much effort would have been required to port the map to CoD Mobile, it’s likely not the last time we see it.

CoD Mobile Alcatraz
Keep on high alert at all times as Alcatraz is a much smaller battle royale map than Isolation.

Expect to see plenty of surprises in the battle royale playlist throughout the next month. From new weapons to mods and a ton of balance updates, it’s easily one of the biggest patches to date.

Get caught up to speed before dropping in with a full rundown on the Season 11 patch notes here.