How Warzone & Black Ops Cold War will work ft. LEGIQN | CI Podcast #8

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Many people have been wondering how the release of the new Call of Duty was going to affect Warzone. This week has given us several updates about the integration of the popular Battle Royale into the new title, its balance with the introduction of Cold War classes, and whether it was going to make the switch into the new game engine. 

On Episode 8 of the CharlieIntel Podcast, Mike and Keshav discuss the recent Activision announcement about Warzone’s planned integration with the new Call of Duty Cold War in December, exploring if it was realistic for fans to expect its release on day one and how this delay is going to affect Streamers and players only interested in Verdansk.

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Our two hosts also touch on the confusion caused by the news that both games’ class setups will be available for players after Cold War’s release, trying to figure out how weapon balance and the new perks will affect the battle royale mode.

Not being ones to miss out on some big news, the recent leak by an Activision employee explaining that Warzone will not be making the jump into the new game engine brought by Cold War is also discussed, along with talk on Wagnificientt’s shadowban and Activision’s procedures with cheaters.

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Later joined by Jordan “LEGIQN” Payton, Mike discusses the guest’s recent explosion on Twitch and the reasons behind Warzone’s incredible success over the past six months.

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