Aydan & Rated win Dallas Empire Warzone tournament: Final placements

Jacob Hale
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Aydan & Rated proved to be the most formidable duo in Dallas Empire’s Warzone Challenge event, claiming the top spot among 16 teams for the biggest chunk of a $25,000 prize pool. Here’s everything you need to catch up on the tournament.

  • Aydan & Rated topped the standings to take out the first place prize.
  • Destroy & ClutchBelk pushed through the lower bracket to make the Grand Finals.
  • Unique challenges awarded bonus prizes.

The latest major Warzone event is now in the books as Dallas Empire hosted its own Warzone Challenge event. On top of the standard kill-race format, players were able to complete unique tasks throughout the event to claim some additional prizing.

Dallas Empire Warzone Challenge: Final Placements

In one of the first major Warzone events of 2021, 16 of the hottest duos squared off for their share of a $25,000 prize pool, with $12,000 going to the winners alone.

Place Team Prize money
1st Aydan & Rated $12,000
2nd Destroy & ClutchBelk $6,000
3rd ZLaner & HusKerrs $1,000
4th Tommey & Almond $1,000
5th-6th IceManIsaac & LuckyChamu
Felo + TBE Newbz
7th-8th JoeWo + Exzachtt
Piemxn + Stukawaki

Dallas Empire Warzone Challenge: Results

Warzone bracket
The final bracket for Empire’s Warzone event.

It was a long day of action throughout the Empire Challenge event. The action first kicked off with many of the biggest names going right at it. The likes of Swagg & Booya, along with TeeP & Crowder, were all knocked out of the running early into the tournament.

Meanwhile, there was one duo in particular that pushed well ahead of the pack. Dominating their upper bracket matchups all the way through, Aydan & Rated were in top form for this event. They cemented their spot in the Grand Finals without much of a challenge.

They met Destroy & ClutchBelk in the final series of the day and this proved to be their toughest matchup yet. Rising through the lower bracket, this duo had to reset the finals and that’s just what they did, closing out the first series with a single point victory over Aydan & Rated.

What followed was an extremely close matchup that went the distance through to the closing moments. Ultimately, a massive 25-kill game from Rated helped secure the final map and the event win with his partner Aydan.

Dallas Empire Warzone Challenge: Schedule

The tournament kicked off at 12 PM CT (10 AM PT/1 PM ET/6 PM GMT) on Monday, February 8.

It was a one-day, 16-team double-elimination tournament that ran for just over six hours.

Dallas Empire Warzone Challenge: Players & teams

16 duos lined up to drop into Verdansk for the lion’s share of the $25,000 prize pool. Below is a full list of every player that got involved.

Aydan + Rated
HusKerrs + ZLaner
JoeWo + Exzachtt
BobbyPoff + UnRational
Merk + DougIsRaw
TeePee + Crowder
Tommey + Almxnd
IceManIsaac + LuckyChamu
Destroy + ClutchBelk
Swagg + Booya
NuFo + Spero
Sebasberon + Jukeyz
Jordy2d + Royalize
Felo + TBE Newbz
Piemxn + Stukawaki
Legiqn + Intechs

Extra challenges

As well as the regular kill race tournament format, players were able to earn a bit of extra money by completing certain challenges during their games.

  • Highest kill game — $1,500
  • Sniper kill over 400 meters — $500
  • Win a gulag without killing opponent — $500
  • Get 5 throwing knife kills in one game — $400
  • Wipe a squad with a helicopter — $400
  • Win a game only using a sniper and a pistol — $350
  • Get 5 kills in one game — $250
  • Execute 3 people in one game — $150
  • Get an in-air kill from the drop — $100

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