How to watch CoD Next 2023: Start time, streams, new Warzone map reveal, more

CoD Next 2023 cover artActivision

Call of Duty Next: 2023 is just around the corner as devs look set to reveal the next year of the franchise in full. From our first look at Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer to the debut of Warzone’s next map, here’s the full rundown on the blockbuster CoD Next event.

As is now becoming an annual tradition, weeks out from the latest CoD release, devs take the opportunity to bring content creators from around the world under one roof. Celebrating the series while sharing a glimpse at the future, CoD Next serves as a major showcase of what’s to come for the mega-popular franchise.

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CoD Next 2023 is set to be no different, with the scene’s biggest stars all descending upon one central location to get their hands on the new content. Not only will Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer be on full display, but so too will the next year of Warzone. 

From when it all kicks off to how you can watch along from home, here’s everything you need to know about the CoD Next 2023 event.

CoD Next 2023Activision
CoD Next returns to showcase the future of the franchise.

When is CoD Next 2023? Date and start time

CoD Next 2023 takes place on Thursday, October 5, with a 9 AM PT start time.

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Currently, it’s unclear just how long the event may run, but fans can expect at least a few hours of entertainment as content creators go hands-on with all the new content.

How to watch CoD Next 2023

CoD Next 2023 is set to be streamed across both the official Call of Duty YouTube channel along with the Call of Duty Twitch channel as well. Fans can even snag exclusive Twitch drops and YouTube rewards simply by watching the streams on the day.

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These streams will serve as your best way to keep on top of the action throughout the day, though that’s not the only way to watch along.

Fans can also tune into direct POVs of their favorite streamers at the event, with dozens of popular names all set to share their own gameplay from the event.

What to expect at CoD Next 2023

Set to kick things off is a full-fledged reveal of Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer component. Streamers are expected to compete across a number of maps and modes from this year’s release, giving us our first look at the classic MW2 maps in action here once again.

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Next up, Zombies will be on display as Activision unveils the future of the undead mode, though exactly what this looks like and how much time will be dedicated to it all remains unclear for now.

Following the Modern Warfare 3 section of the event, fans will be treated to a special Warzone presentation. It’s here that the new Battle Royale map will be showcased, along with any key gameplay changes shaking things up for the next 12 months.

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Rounding it all out is the mobile-centric leg of the event, with Warzone Mobile coming into focus ahead of its highly-anticipated release.