How to improve your aim in Warzone

Warzone AimingNICKMERCS

Whether you’re a fresh-faced recruit or a Warzone veteran that is looking to drastically improve their KDA, these top aiming tips will help give you the edge on the virtual battlefield. 

Winning games of Warzone requires tremendous amounts of communication, game sense,  and decent mechanics. Activision’s battle royale is notoriously competitive and even the game’s best players can struggle to claim a dominant victory. While picking meta weapons and loadouts may help you in the damage department, they won’t prove that useful if you’re not willing to level up other aspects of your play. 

One area that is pivotal to any FPS player’s performance is their ability to snap onto targets with deadly precision. Whether you’re a dedicated PC player or stalwart console enthusiast, you’ll want to use the tips below to improve your Warzone win rate. 

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Reduce your mouse/controller sensitivity

Warzone sensitivity settingsActivision / Infinity Ward
Adjusting your in-game sensitivity can take a little time to get used to, but it’s well worth it.

Due to the fast-paced nature of Warzone, it can be incredibly tempting to play at a higher sensitivity. After all, you’d think that being able to quickly zap onto players within a blink of an eye would be extremely beneficial. However, playing on higher sensitivities can often pose even more frustrations when it comes to actually landing those all-important head and body shots. 

While you may be able to get away with playing on higher sensitivities in Modern Warfare’s standard multiplayer modes, the larger engagement ranges of Warzone’s Verdansk can make tracking your targets rather difficult. Instead, try lowering your sensitivity to a value where you can comfortably snap onto targets without overshooting. 

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Switching to a lower mouse/controller sensitivity will enable you to be more precise with your shots, giving you the precision needed to take down your foes with ease. 

Lower your mouse DPI

Mouse DPIRazer
Your mouse DPI will have a much greater impact on your aim across all FPS titles.

PC users have a lot more control when it comes to adjusting their Warzone sensitivity as they can lower their mouse DPI (dots per linear inch). If your mouse doesn’t come with a dedicated settings app, you can configure the DPI via the Devices panel in Windows Settings. Once you’ve located your mouse DPI settings, simply adjust it to a lower value. 

Many pro FPS players configure their mouse so that it has a value of 800 DPI and play with a lower in-game sensitivity. Just because the pros use the above settings doesn’t mean you have to as well. In fact, it’s often best to experiment with these values and find one that suits you. 

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If you’re finding it difficult to adjust to playing with lower sensitivities, then try to gradually lower your current settings over time. This will eventually help you override your current muscle memory, enabling you to keep lowering the value as and when you wish. 

Don’t tunnel vision onto one area

Warzone MP5Activision / Infinity Ward
While holding angles can prove beneficial, it can also lead to a quick death if you’re not careful.

This is one of the easiest adjustments to make, but it’s one that a lot of players fail to neglect. It can be tempting to look at one side of the map/screen, particularly if you’ve spotted something in your peripheral vision. However, once you’ve scouted the general location for any movements and found nothing, it’s best to keep checking your surroundings. 

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By flicking between several positions and searching common hiding spots, you’ll be able to quickly react to any threats without being taken by surprise. Constantly think where your enemies could be and always be wary of your surroundings. 

Aim at head height

Warzone KiloActivision / Infinity Ward
Aiming at head height will allow you to quickly make the micro-adjustments needed.

Warzone’s headshot multiplier is absolutely lethal and it makes the time to kill even quicker. As a result, it’s best to constantly keep your gun aimed at roughly where your target’s head would be. Those of you who have played the likes of CS:GO, Valorant, PUBG, and Rainbow Six Siege will know just how beneficial this tip is. 

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It can often seem like the best FPS players are always two steps ahead, but they simply combine their excellent aim with fantastic game knowledge. This is what gives them their aimbot-like reflexes. Be sure to use this simple technique to give you the competitive edge needed to down your opponents before they can even react. 

Use the correct sight

VLK 3.0x OpticActivision / Infinity Ward
The VLK 3.0x Optic is one of the best sight in the game.

Warzone features a multitude of different optics for each gun and choosing which one to use can be a task in itself. However, there are only a handful that are worth using. Whether it’s down to their long ADS time, vision-impairing bulk, and high magnification, there are some sights that just fall short. 

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While the sight you choose is largely down to personal preference, it’s largely recommended that you kit your gun out with either a VLK optic or blue dot Holo Sight. Both these sights offer the clearest picture when it comes to aiming, giving you the accuracy you need to aim for those chest and headshots. 

Download an aim trainer

Aim Training Statespace
There is plenty of aim training software out there, so download one and give it a go.

This option is only available to those that play Warzone on PC, but it is an area that will greatly improve your aim if you have the patience. While your aim will naturally improve as you play more FPS games, sometimes it’s best to do a little warm-up before dropping into Verdansk. 

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While some aim trainers cost money, there are a few on the Steam store that are completely free. For Example, Aim Lab allows you to customize weapon physics/behaviors, AI targets, and training routines. Simply boot the program up and get blasting to see which areas of your aim need brushing up.