How to get Sea Treasure tokens on Ashika Island in Warzone 2 for free loot

Ashika Island images from Warzone 2Activision

Warzone 2’s Ashika Island Resurgence environment introduces a new item in the form of Sea Treasure tokens. But what are they, where do you get them and how do they work? 

Season Two of Warzone 2 finally dropped on February 15, bringing massive changes to the battle royale in the form of 1v1 Gulags, weapon buffs and nerfs and the return of ‘vomit’ looting.

The biggest change for the BR, though, was the addition of Ashika Island. From POIs, vehicles and new items, there’s tonnes for players to drop in and enjoy. 

On the latter, Ashika Island introduced Sea Treasure tokens to Warzone 2. But what are they, where do you get them and how do you use them? 

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What are Sea Treasure tokens in Warzone 2? 

Sea Treasure tokens are a form of currency found on Ashika Island. They’re scattered all over the new environment and are easily recognizable as a large, lootable coin on the floor. 

Represented by a diamond symbol, they do take up space in players’ backpacks, so bear that in mind when you’re looting and picking up items. 

Where do you find Sea Treasure tokens in Warzone 2? 

You can find Sea Treasure tokens everywhere and anywhere. Eliminated players will drop them onto the floor (thanks to the return of the original Warzone’s looting system) and they also show up frequently in Blue Resurgence Supply Boxes all over Ashika Island. 

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They are available in other crates and supply boxes, but the Blue Resurgence ones appear to offer them most often. 

They are exclusive to Ashika Island – so you won’t find them anywhere on Al Mazrah or in ‘normal’ Warzone 2. 

Sea Treasure Token in Warzone 2Activision
The Sea Treasure tokens are exclusive to Ashika Island.

How do you use them? 

Sea Treasure tokens can be cashed in at various Sea Treasure Machines. These resemble old-fashioned arcade machines and are typically located at Gas Stations around Ashika Island. 

Players need to go up to a Sea Treasure Machine, interact with it to exchange a token and, in return, they’ll get a reward of some kind. These rewards are random and include killstreaks and equipment. 

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A failed ‘spin’ of a Sea Treasure Machine deposits one armor plate so, even if it’s not the rare reward that was coveted, it’ll still give players something for their troubles.