Warzone 2 devs confirm major looting changes coming in Season 2

Warzone 2 operator wearing a large backpack by a StrongholdActivision

Warzone 2 developers Infinity Ward have revealed the first of what is set to be several major overhauls coming to the Call of Duty battle royale title, with sweeping changes coming to the much-bemoaned looting system in the game.

In Warzone 2, Infinity Ward changed up looting to make it more similar to other battle royale titles, separating it from Warzone 1.

Rather than the former explosive-style looting, where loot would simply disperse when someone died for example, in Warzone 2 players have had to search through chests and opponents’ backpacks to find the loot they want to carry.

This definitely became a common complaint for much of the player base, as well as issues around the loot available across the map, such as stacking self-revives.

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Infinity Ward looks set to address much of the player concerns in Season 2, confirming plans to give looting a bit of a facelift, with more details arriving in a blog post next week.

“Player eliminations and all loot containers will now pop floating loot out onto the floor!” they said in a January 20 tweet.

    With some huge changes promised amid the Season 2 delay, with Infinity Ward saying they’re responding to player feedback, it remains to be seen exactly what major changes will arrive in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 when the season launches.

    Looting is definitely a big step forward, but with many complaints around Buy Stations, TTK, the meta, and more, there will definitely be some players who still aren’t satisfied.

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