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How much score is required to get your Specialist ability in Black Ops 4?

Published: 29/Dec/2018 13:53 Updated: 5/Nov/2020 15:09

by Calum Patterson


Black Ops 4 saw the return of specialists in Call of Duty, and some of their abilities are truly game changing – but knowing exactly how long it will take to earn your ability can feel like a guessing game.

All specialists in Black Ops 4 have two abilities or ‘Special issue’ as they are known in game – a weapon and an equipment.

The weapon takes longer to earn, typically only available to use once or twice per game and is affected by score, while the equipment is granted more frequently, usable multiple times per game.

Times were previously recorded for how long these abilities take to earn based purely on time, but there’s also been some updates and changes since the game’s release.


Because of this, the earn rate for specialist weapons and equipment can feel somewhat random, which can be problematic, particularly in a competitive setting. By using score instead, it can much easier to determine when an opponent will have their ability.

Thankfully, Redditor u/SlightlyLimpTrout has done the math so you don’t have to, and devised a comprehensive list of how long each specialist weapon takes to earn based on score alone.

They have also included the reduced score and time for when you are using equipment charge (EC) in the ‘Gear’ slot.


Ballistic Shield: 1700 Score (EC: 1250)

9-bang: 1:00 (EC: 0:50



War Machine: 1500 Score (EC: 1000)

Cluster – 1:00 (EC: 50 seconds)


TAK 5: 1425 Score (EC: 900)

Assault Pack: 1:45 (EC: 1:15)


Purifier: 1950 Score (EC: 1325)

Reactive Core: 1:50 (EC: 1:25)


K-9 Unit: 1950 Score (EC: 1450)

Mesh Mine: 1:20 (EC- 0:50)


Tempest: 1500 Score (EC: 1100)

Seeker: 1:45 (EC: 1:00)


Vision Pulse: 2200 Score (EC: 1600)

Sensor Dart: 1:45 (EC: 1:00)


Grav Slam: 1500 Score (EC: 1150)

Grapple Gun: 0:15 (EC: 0:10)


Annihilator: 1500 Score (EC: 1100)

Tac-Deploy: 1:40 (EC: 1:10)


Barricade: 900 Score (EC: 600)

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Razor wire: 1:00 (EC- 0:45)


Ice Pick: 1800 (EC: 1200)

EMP Disruptor: 1:15 (EC: 0:50)

If you choose to deselect the special issue equipment, you can opt for one of the follow equipment:


Stun: 1:15 (EC: 0:50)

2x Stun: 2:30 (EC: 1:45)

Frag: 0:50 (EC: 0:45)

Trophy Sytem: 1:00 (EC: 0:45)


2x Trophy: 2:00 (EC: 1:20)