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Hellish Warzone bug ruins loadout drops at popular Rebirth Island POI

Published: 30/Aug/2021 21:24

by Jaret Kappelman


One of Warzone’s most popular game modes is Rebirth Resurgence. This mode can allow players to go for high kill games as it’s easy to get your loadout and people can respawn. However, this latest bug is ruining one of the game’s hot drops.

Rebirth Island is a much faster-paced game than normal Battle Royal modes in Warzone. Players earn redeploy after a certain amount of time and it is a lot easier to find cash that can be used to purchase streaks, utility, or Loadout Drops.

On this map, there are many different POIs that people can land at but some are better than others. Chemical Engineering is an extremely popular drop spot for players but that could change.


This team was left dumbfounded after a terrible sequence of events unfolded while at Chemical.

Rebirth Island
Rebirth Island is a smaller map than Verdansk and allows for multiple respawns.

Rebirth Island bug causes Loadout Drops to fall

One of the most popular drop spots in Rebirth is Chemical Engineering. The four-story building with multiple loot spots, and a possible buy station spawn, is a great spot to get looted up.

In a Reddit clip posted by ‘MotivationalSleeping’ you can see this squad purchase their Loadout Drop and are waiting for it to fall. As it lands it rolls down a staircase and then the island decides to consume it into the void.

Note to self: don’t throw loadout on any staircase… from CODWarzone

The players were mindblown when this happened and you can see them running around trying to figure out what on earth just happened.


The Loadout Drop just got sucked into the island and became unusable for players. This not only was a waste of $7,500 but put them at a disadvantage until they could get another one.

Players are hopeful this was a one-time bug as chem is extremely popular among the Rebirth Island community. For now, you may want to think twice about where you drop your loadout.