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Hastr0 teases ‘hot’ roster moves for Dallas Call of Duty franchise

Published: 27/Aug/2019 4:38 Updated: 27/Aug/2019 7:08

by Isaac McIntyre


Call of Duty League as Rostermania hits full swing.

The entire Call of Duty esports scene is in a state of flux at the moment after news Activision would be founding a franchised professional league from the beginning of 2020, with rumours and player movements flying thick and fast.

Team Envy’s Dallas team seems be taking similar steps, with organisation owner hastr0 taking to Twitter to tease “hot” new moves for the roster directly to the fans.

MLGhastr0 has promised to keep Envy fans updated during Rostermania.

“Guys, it’s hot in here. Really hot, because it’s Call of Duty Rostermania. Let’s turn up the heat,” hastr0 said. “Just wanted to check in with you guys, I’ll keep you updated from my cellphone as this thing keeps moving along.”

Envy struggled to find their feet this year, despite boasting leading stars like Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price and a majority of the Evil Geniuses’ Championship-winning squad. Results didn’t flow, however, and it appears hastr0 and the players have decided to go down separate roads.

“Really excited about bringing new players for Dallas, maybe keeping some of the players on our team now,” the Envy owner teased. “Get ready for some hot Call of Duty roster action.”

MLGACHES was the first to call time on his Team Envy career.

Hastr0’s short video didn’t reveal who would be staying or going in regards to the team’s current roster, but a host of players from the squad have already confirmed their restricted free agency earlier this week.

Squad captain ACHES was the first to reveal his future could lie away from Envy’s new Dallas team, and team stars Justin ‘SiLLY’ Fargo and Adam ‘Assault’ Garcia echoed the FA news last weekend. Former EG coach Embry ‘Bevils’ Bevil is also looking for a new team.

On August 25, Patrick Price tweeted: “With the 2019 season coming to an end, I am a restricted free agent for 2020. If any CDL Franchise would like to discuss opportunities, please contact me. Also interested in relocating full time.”

While the Envy trio, and their coach, are likely not to pull on Dallas colours in the new year, it’s not as simple as them simply leaving the organisation. New teams looking to sign the stars will have to buy out their contracts if they want to add them to their 2020 CDL rosters.

The news also confirms there are a chance hastr0 and Envy look to retain Jacob ‘Decemate’ Cato and substitute smg slayer Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland. Neither have announced their plans for the upcoming franchise league as yet.

Stay tuned for more Team Envy/Dallas news. With hastr0 promising to keep the org’s fans updated as they continue their adventure through the wild Rostermania ahead of franchising, there’s sure to be more twists and turns for the squad before the end.

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Inhuman Warzone clip shows why Symfuhny is always accused of cheating

Published: 23/Jan/2021 21:45

by Theo Salaun


Of all Warzone players, few are accused of cheating as much as Symfuhny. And, in the wake of major hacking drama, the streamer proves why with an absurd clip that defies all logic.

When you search Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier’s gamertag on the internet, you can’t avoid an assortment of accusations of, and investigations into, aimbot or wall-hacks by the renowned gamer. While his brief foray into the Rust craze was practically untouched by those concerns, his work in Call of Duty: Warzone is absolutely filled with speculation.

Thus far, Sym is one of the top-10 highest earners in Warzone and has been a major fixture in tournament after tournament since the game’s release on March 2020. But if you Google him or simply peruse Reddit, Twitter and YouTube, seeing “hackusations” is unavoidable. 

Symfuhny even leans into these concerns, frequently trying to hit silly flicks and shots through walls. The streamer uses mouse and keyboard so many of his plays feel foreign to console players, specifically. Unsurprisingly, he took the recent Warzone cheating drama to fuel the fire a little more with an inhuman clip with the Kar98k.

No one is surprised by two quick downs with the FFAR, an AR that shreds in the close-to-medium ranges. But…a Kar98 quick-scope through a wall? It’s obvious why people think Sym must be subscribed to some sort of hacking services.

As the longstanding competitive gamer’s fans — of which there are millions — will tell you, there’s no aimbot or ESP wall-hacks toggled. Instead, it’s all a phenomenon dubbed with a tongue-in-cheek term: “Sym.exe.”

And this clip, noteworthy by itself, comes at the perfect time for spicy reactions — right at the end of a week filled with competitive Warzone hacking drama. During two of the most recent Warzone tournaments, former Dallas Empire player in the Call of Duty League, Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren, was tasked with investigating accused cheaters. Now, big streamers are getting in on the action.

Ignoring the conclusions of those investigations, it appears that everyone is interested in a piece of the pie. While Sym lets Tommey know that they “can talk about this,” Rhys ‘Rated’ Price shyly confesses that he “can explain” his big-brain predictive kill.

As Sym continually exemplifies, fair plays can often look suspicious. His weirdest, most inhuman clips can provide a cautionary tale against hacking accusations and show why formal processes need to be in place when cheating is truly suspected.

While smaller streamers have more to prove, Sym and other pros like Rated have large sample sizes. That experience helps show that it’s unlikely they’ve resorted to cheating and more likely they’re simply lucking into these crazy plays.