H4 Blixen finally overtaken in Warzone SMG meta rankings after nerf

Jacob Hale
warzone characters using blixen

The H4 Blixen has long been the dominant SMG in the Warzone meta, but it’s finally been usurped atop the CoD battle royale’s meta rankings.

The Warzone meta is always changing, especially throughout the current Season 4 where a number of weapon buffs and nerfs have meant that the meta is many and varied, with several viable weapons to use rather than just one dominant assault rifle ripping heads off across the map.

Despite this, the H4 Blixen has remained the number one SMG for some time, offering the perfect weapon for close-range encounters, the unanimous pick for anyone traversing Caldera, Fortune’s Keep, or Rebirth Island.

While the gap started to diminish over time, the Blixen remains popular — but no longer tops the meta rankings, according to WZRanked.

After the Blixen was nerfed on August 8, with a damage reduction and a bug fix that made it slightly less potent, it quickly dropped below another Vanguard SMG, with the Armaguerra 43 becoming the most popular SMG pick in Warzone.

Warzone meta on August 9
The Warzone meta is ever-changing, and now the Armaguerra is the most popular SMG.

At the time of writing on August 9, the Armaguerra’s pick rate has risen to 7.14 — a slight boost over the Blixen’s 7.10.

That said, it’s still not matching the Blixen in terms of KD and win rate. The Armaguerra’s average KD, according to WZRanked, 1.29, a step below the Blixen’s 1.40. Similarly, its win rate is at 4.33, lower than the Blixen’s 4.45 but still on the way up.

With the Vanguard guns dominating the Warzone meta, it’s increasingly difficult for any guns from either Modern Warfare or Black Ops Cold War to compete — especially when guns such as the Armaguerra and KG M40 are as dominant as they are.