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OpTic Gaming Call of Duty team to be dismantled entirely, claims infamous CoDBurner

Published: 28/May/2019 2:29 Updated: 28/May/2019 8:11

by Albert Petrosyan


The infamous Call of Duty insider known as the ‘CoDBurner‘ continues to predict doom for OpTic Gaming‘s pro team, amid reports that the organization may soon be purchased by Immortals. 

On May 27, the CoDBurner posted his most recent set of leaked information about OpTic, in which he claimedthat the players will be sold “one by one.”

“I think what I said about OpTic playing under a different name at [CWL] Anaheim is true,” he wrote. “They’re going to sell the players one by one after it, so RosterMania is going to be lit.”

What the CoDBurner is suggesting is that Immortals will indeed be the one’s purchasing the Infinite Esports and Entertainment, and OpTic with it, and will opt to sell the CoD team to a different organization, since teams can’t be dismantled when the roster transfer window is closed. 

However, once the third and final roster change period opens, all of the players will be individually sold to different teams for the remainder of the season, which would undoubtedly make for the most hectic RosterMania of all time.

MLGCoDBurner believes that all of the OpTic players will be sold “one by one” to other organizations.

If this does turn out to be the case, then that means current OpTic CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez would have failed to acquire and preserve the OpTic brand, which many fans have been hoping he will be able to do.

H3CZ himself has admitted that he is trying his best to save OpTic, which would otherwise be completely dissolved if Immortals do end up acquiring Infinite.

OpTic Gaming - YouTubeOpTic CEO H3CZ has promised to do his best to try and save the OpTic brand.

Of course, what the CoDBurner posted could turn out to be completely false, but there is some credibility to his info, considering that he leaked last year that Infinite had tried to drop the CoD team.

At the time, his leaks were strongly opposed and doubted by the community, but now, a year later, the information was ultimately confirmed to be true by H3CZ and longtime OpTic member Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards. 

“I told you all before, Infinite was trying to drop CoD last year but no one believed it,” he wrote. “Thank you Davis for confirming it. I stopped posting about OpTic because people would always get mad, so I’m kind of sad and happy it’s coming out.”

What about the rest of OpTic?

As for the remaining members of OpTic, the CoDBurner claims that all of the content creators will be dropped because they’re too expensive to keep aboard, unless they are willing to eat some of their own salary.

CoDBurner also made sure to not level any of the blame of this predicament on H3CZ, whom he claims “loves all the players and content creators but can’t do a thing with no money.”

As always, we will continue bringing you update’s on OpTic Gaming’s future as more information becomes available. 

Call of Duty

Streamer frags out in Black Ops Cold War with Rockband guitar controller

Published: 30/Nov/2020 20:42

by Michael Gwilliam


Call of Duty players have been known to whip out some pretty outlandish controllers in years past, and now that trend has continued with Black Ops Cold War with one streaming using a Rockband guitar.

Twitch streamer TheStevieP decided to play the game’s zombies and even multiplayer mode with the absurd controller, but was actually seeing some success with it despite its obvious limitations.

While playing with a guitar may sound impossible, especially with a game as fast-paced as COD, TheStevieP found a button layout setup that gets the job done.

“Walk is down on the strum bar, walking backward is up on the strum bar,” he explained. “To look around, red is to the left, yellow is to the right, blue is up, orange is down. And green shoots.”

However, some of the drawbacks of playing with the guitar are that he doesn’t have a reload button or a grenade button that could get him into some serious trouble in the heat of a firefight.

“If I get a kill in multiplayer I’m going to laugh,” he chuckled. “The person who dies to me deserves to be laughed at.”

As it turns out, his remark was spot on, because just a little bit later, the streamer hopped into multiplayer to partake in some TDM on the infamous Miami map.

After struggling with four deaths to his name, TheStevieP ended up getting into an extremely awkward firefight on a stairway. After missing his first few shots and taking some damage, he managed to finally land a direct hit, eliminating his opponent.

“Yo!” he jumped up with his arms raised in victory.

As he let out a hardy belly laugh, the streamer did end up falling himself, but it was perfectly fine by him, who still couldn’t believe he managed to pull off the frag.

“Let’s go!” he beamed again with glee.

The clip taking from the stream ended up being posted to Reddit where it received a whopping 3.8K upvotes by users on the platform who were impressed with the play.

Black Ops Cold War is still very young so there is no telling what else streamers and content creators will try to up the ante in the bizarre controller department. As it stands though, this was one heck of a way to kick off the entertainment.