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ACHES hits back at NAMELESS for criticizing Envy’s role changes – “Actually brain dead”

Published: 28/May/2019 1:43 Updated: 22/Jan/2020 13:05

by Albert Petrosyan


Call of Duty professional player Patrick ‘ACHES‘ Price and CWL analyst Anthony ‘NAMELESS‘ Wheeler found themselves going at it after the May 27 matches at the CWL Pro League.

Division B teams resumed their Pro League action on May 27, with Team Envy facing Denial Esports in the first of two matches on the day.


Envy ended up suffering a tight 3-2 defeat at the hands of Denial – a match the featured a role change which saw ACHES using the Maddox and Maurice ‘Fero’ Henriquez going with the ICR.

NAMELESS noticed the change in strategy and called it out on Twitter, using some pointed language at ACHES in particular.


“Pat swindled the Maddox back?” he tweeted. “Give Fero a Maddox immediately. Pat gotta run a KN on that map.”


Inevitably, this tweet was seen by ACHES, who defended himself and his team’s role change by going straight at NAMELESS, calling his narrative “dogsh*t.”


“Bro, this dogsh*t narrative is so annoying,” he replied. “Actually brain dead. Y’all did the same thing with LG/Gunless last week. You just make something up and act as if it’s the truth. Fero wanted and asked to run a main ICR because he said he’d be more comfortable using it.”

NAMELESS, however, wasn’t having any of it: “Old Pat would have shut that down immediately bro.”



The argument grew to a long thread on Twitter, in which both sides stated their case on why the other’s argument was wrong.

In several of his tweets, ACHES mentioned Gunless and Luminosity, specifically noting how the analysts had pushed the rhetoric that Gunless had skipped out on team practices to go to EDC, which he claims that LG had been aware of well before-hand.



Ultimately, the two veterans decided to settle things down and agree to disagree, with NAMELESS saying that he would toss this spat to post-match loss stress, seeing as how the argument occurred almost right after Envy had lost.

Envy slip in CWL Pro League

Envy’s loss to the 3-8 Denial Esports was their sixth defeat in 12 games. Couple with Splyce’s dominant 3-0 victory against Enigma6 Group on the same day, the loss sent Envy a full game behind Splyce for the fourth and final automatic Playoff spot.

Envy’s loss to Denial on May 27 was a big blow to a team that has three difficult matches coming up.

It would have been a major boost had Envy beaten Denial, considering that their next three matches are against Heretics, 100 Thieves, and eUnited, all of whom are currently tied for the best record in Division B.

While they still have a very legitimate chance at making the Playoffs directly, Envy will certainly have to start improving their game quickly if they want to make it out of this week in decent shape.

Call of Duty

How to get Cleaver melee blueprint in Warzone

Published: 21/Oct/2020 16:45

by Jacob Hale


With the Haunting of Verdansk Halloween event arriving in Warzone, fans have been treated to a bunch of spooky new content, but among the most popular is the Cleaver melee weapon.

During Haunting of Verdansk, players will be able to drop into a new mode with Zombie Royale, as well as pick up new Operator packs based on popular horror films Saw and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


On top of these new features, Trick or Treat offers players the opportunity to earn a bunch of new weapons and cosmetic items across the map; but you have to know where to find them.

The Cleaver has become instantly popular, with fans wanting to get their hands on the melee weapon, but it’s not easy to do if you don’t know where to look.

YouTube: VVaby
Warzone players are all trying to hunt down the Cleaver.

Although the Cleaver in the ‘Halloween Event’ tab says it’s unlockable in the Gulag, you’ve actually got to head to Prison, in the southeast corner of the map, to unlock it.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do:

  1. Land at Prison, or make your way over there after dropping (we recommend landing there to maximize your chances).
  2. Head down to the underground section of the POI, which leads all the way down to the Gulag showers.
  3. Clear out any enemies before they can open chests.
  4. Start opening loot chests for yourself, and hope the Cleaver unlocks — this is completely random, so there’s no definite way to tell which box will hold the Cleaver.
  5. Look out for a banner to stretch across the screen saying “Gulag loot found. Blueprint unlocked.”
  6. Once this pops up, the Cleaver will be added to your inventory. Play out the rest of the game, or quit the match to get it on your loadouts straight away!
Expect to see a lot of Cleavers in action during the Halloween event.

Once that’s done, you can take the Cleaver into matches to shut down enemies and slay zombies in the new Zombie Royale mode.


Pair this with your new Saw or Texas Chainsaw Massacre skins, and you’ll be the scariest soldier in Verdansk.

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