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Full player statistics released for Call of Duty’s Blackout beta – most solo eliminations, longest combat axe kill, and more

Published: 18/Sep/2018 2:30

by Albert Petrosyan


The Blackout battle royale beta is now over, and developers Treyarch have published a variety of statistics they collected over the course of the testing period.

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The statistics are from a variety of different categories, from several individual and team kill records to how many Zombies were eliminated throughout the beta. 

According to the post, these statistics were collected across all platforms – PS4, Xbox One, and PC – and presumably cover the entirety of the beta period, which was from September 10-17.

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As far as elimination records, there are five that have been included in the post: most kills by an individual player in Solos, Duos, and Quads, and most kills by a team in Duos and Quads.


Most kills by an individual player:

  • Solos: 25
  • Duos: 29
  • Quads: 25

Most kills by a team:

  • Duos: 32
  • Quads: 38

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These numbers obviously obviously do not count if enemy players were downed but revived by teammates. Speaking of revives, team members revived each other a total of 26 million times during the beta.

Looting was another category listed in the statistics, as over 64 million Stashes of loot were spawned into the Blackout map, which contributed to the whopping 3.3 billion items that were picked up over the course of the seven days. 

Some of the loot was located at areas of the map that also spawned Zombies, which could explain why 7.5 million of them were “eradicated” during the beta.


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Last but not least, there are two very interesting statistics provided in the post. The first was the longest kill completed using a Combat Axe, which turned out to be an incredible. 213 meters (698 feet).

The second was that 123 players were eliminated with a basketball, an odd but rather satisfying statistic. 

In case you are wondering how that was done, the left portion of the Estates location on the Blackout map is a basketball court that contains several basketballs which can be used to inflict melee damage on other players. 

Source – Reddit