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Former OpTic YouTuber Pamaj explains why he’s rejoined FaZe Clan

Published: 16/Oct/2018 23:27 Updated: 6/Nov/2018 14:08

by Wyatt Donigan


After leaving OpTic Gaming just on October 10, popular Call of Duty YouTuber Austin ‘Pamaj’ Pamajewon has already found a new organization to call home.

Pamaj’s latest team is a familiar one, as he has found himself back with FaZe Clan after a five-year absence.


He announced his return to FaZe with a simple post on his Twitter page, much like the one he had posted when joining OpTic years ago.

As simple as the Tweet was, it was likely prompted by the fact that FaZe Clan actually let the cat out of the bag themselves before Pamaj could even announce the news.


Just a few minutes before Pamaj posted the above tweet, FaZe Clan uploaded a video to Twitter featuring their latest recruit as he gives fans a tour of the team’s house in Toronto.

Shortly after word of Pamaj’s return to FaZe Clan broke, Pamaj joined OpTic Gaming CEO Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez on his “The Eavesdrop Podcast” and discussed the reasoning behind the move. 

The bulk of Pamaj’s motivation for leaving OpTic centered on the lack of commitment from Infinite Esports, OpTic Gaming’s parent company, when it came to moving into new apartments dedicated to streaming and making content. 


“There was a lot of false promises,” Pamaj said of dealing with Infinite Esports. “We were promised the typical things you have to have to move here. You know, you need visas and all that. And we were promised that and it didn’t work out. Why it didn’t happen? I still don’t know.” 

That was just the first “red flag” for Pamaj, however, as his move was further cemented when Infinite began making decisions that didn’t go along with the culture that had been fostered within the organization for so many years. 

The biggest of which was the decision to drop the OpTic Gaming Halo roster a week before the World Championships. 


“I still don’t fully understand what sense that makes,” Pamaj said of the situation. “It’s a family and to sit here and watch them pick it apart without any, I guess, empathy, just kind of hurt.” 

All of the negative decisions eventually became too much for Pamaj to deal with, leading to his departure from the Green Wall. 


Once it came time to find a new home, FaZe Clan was in a unique position to be much closer to his family. 

“I get to be closer to home,” Pamaj said. “My brother lives in Toronto with his fiancee. My friends are all living out in Toronto now. The people I grew up with.” 

While one might expect him to take a bit of time after leaving the organization where he’s spent the last five years, Pamaj looked to be right back into the swing of things immediately, not just with his FaZe Clan house tour, but with content of his own.

Once the word was out, it was time for Pamaj to show fans that he’s ready to hit the ground running with his content creation efforts by posting a brand-new Black Ops 4 montage to his official YouTube channel.

While everyone was anxiously awaiting to hear where Pamaj would end up landing, it looks he was already hard at work making new content.

With Black Ops 4 content rush just getting underway, we can expect to hear plenty more from Pamaj in the coming days and weeks. 

Full disclosure: OpTic CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez is a minority shareholder in Dexerto Ltd

Call of Duty

Shroud explains how Treyarch can fix Fireteam in Black Ops Cold War

Published: 17/Oct/2020 4:32

by Andrew Amos


Fireteam is the newest game mode to hit Call of Duty, with Treyarch adding the team-based mode in Black Ops Cold War. However, according to Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, Fireteam is a long way off being enjoyable. He’s got some fixes though.

The new Fireteam game mode in Black Ops Cold War is a bit of everything. It’s part battle-royale, with players being divided up into 10 teams of four. It’s got some objective hunting, and obviously, kills go a long way to racking up points.


However, the game mode has received a mixed reception upon release in the beta. While it’s definitely a different gameplay experience to normal, the mode loses its charm pretty quickly.

COD player planting bomb in Fireteam mode
Fireteam is a huge new game mode in Black Ops Cold War, but there’s some kinks that need fixing.

It can feel like a grind, with games taking forever, and long time-to-kill making the action less explosive. It can also get pretty confusing, with the objective not awfully clear. Shroud shares many of these same concerns with Fireteam as the rest of the community.


He’s got some solutions though. His biggest quandary with Fireteam is the long time-to-kill. With players getting armor on top of their health, gunfights can take forever, and even if you win one, you’re at a stark disadvantage until you find time to heal up and top up your plates.

Shroud has a simple solution though: remove the armor, and increase everyone’s base HP.

“I wish there wasn’t armor in [Fireteam]. That would be nice. Simple solution: why can’t they just make it so your HP is higher in this game mode? No armor, nothing ⁠— your HP is just a little bit higher. You still get the same regen, it might just take a little bit longer to get to max, but isn’t that an easy solution,” he said while playing through the beta.


Shroud’s problem isn’t with the armor mechanic itself. After all, he was an avid player of Warzone, and didn’t have any problems with it in the battle royale environment. It just doesn’t fit the bill for Fireteam though. It makes the gameplay clunky, in his opinion.

Segment begins at 11:12.

“The problem isn’t the armor itself, or the health that you have. The problem is that once you’ve ticked away and that armor can’t be regened like your health can, you’re now Joe Garbargio,” he said.

Then, there was also another issue: “that game mode took way too long.” That’s been a pretty hot talking point in the community since Fireteam’s release. The simple solution for that is reduce the time limit and points required to win.


Those changes will come with time as Treyarch keeps tinkering with the new game mode. For now, the jury is still out for shroud on Black Ops Cold War. While he’s enjoying himself, he hasn’t played enough yet to form a proper opinion.