Pamaj announces departure from OpTic Gaming

Long-time Call of Duty content creator Austin ‘Pamaj’ Pamajewon announced Wednesday that he was leaving OpTic Gaming.

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In a 17-minute video uploaded to his official YouTube channel, Pamaj detailed the series of events that led him to leave the organization that he had called home for the last three years.

Many of his issues ended up not having to do with OpTic Gaming specifically, but rather Infinite Esports, OpTic’s parent company, that came in and changed things.

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According to Pamaj, everything started to change after he left the Scuf House back in 2016. “There were a lot of promises, not from anyone from the SCUF house, but from corporate, that just didn’t happen,” Pamaj recalls.

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As time went on after leaving the house, Pamaj noticed even more changes happening within the organization. While there was plenty of expansion on the esports side of things, Pamaj said that “on the content creation side, there wasn’t too much support.”

“There wasn’t a lot of communication and there was a lot of sketchy things that I felt like were happening, and it wasn’t cool,” Pamaj said of the decisions from ‘corporate.’

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Pamaj grew concerned over time that many of these decisions weren’t happening for the better of the organization as a whole. “It was very upsetting to just sit here and watch what we’d built over a certain amount of time just not getting the love and respect that it should have gotten. Just watching it getting taken away from us and torn down a bit. That hurt. It’s like, what did we do this for?”

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This led him to start questioning his place with OpTic saying “It felt like everyone in OpTic wanted their own thing. The brotherhood, as soon as we moved, just disappeared.”

Pamaj maintains that he has no hard feelings with anyone on OpTic or from the SCUF House and he feels at peace with his decision.

Pamaj’s exit, while not directly connected to, seems to coincidentally-timed with sweeping changes and a mass exodus of staff from Infinite Esports.

Following reports of these changes within the organization, OpTic Gaming CEO and Owner Hector ‘H3CZ’ has, according to OpTic content creator Hitch, been considering returning to a more active role with the OpTic organization.

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With the layoffs at infinite and now Pamaj leaving the organization after three years, we could see a return from H3CZ sooner rather than later.

Full disclosure: OpTic CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez is a minority shareholder in Dexerto Ltd