Former CoD Pro Censor says Scump 'can't beat him' in event finals

Connor Bennett

Former FaZe Clan Call of Duty star Doug ‘Censor’ Martin believes that OpTic Gaming’s Seth ‘Scump’ Abner cannot beat him in a grand final – boasting a perfect record over his fellow pro.

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Call of Duty pros have never been afraid of trash talking an opposing team or fellow player, especially when one has another’s number and they are able to continually beat up on them.

It’s something fans have seen play out over the years between Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price and just about whoever ends up on OpTic. Yet, ACHES remains as an active pro and leaves the trash talk for players on the sidelines – including former teammate Doug ‘Censor’ Martin. Censor also appears to believe that he has OpTic’s number too – especially Seth ‘Scump’ Abner.

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Censor hasn’t competed in CoD since the end of WWII.

Censor may have been out of the competitive scene since departing compLexity at the end of WWII, but he has been targeting a return at some point. It appears that, if he does somehow return, he’ll be rubbing his hands at the prospect of taking on Scump – especially in a possible grand final.

After one fan tried to rubbish another’s comparison of Censor and Scump, the former FaZe Clan star fired back with: “1-0 vs Mister Scump in grand finals. Aches didn’t have a thumb for that final either AND we had to win two best of 5s! Don’t worry I’ll be back and when my team is on the top I’ll say nothing.”

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Censor is 1-0 in Grand Finals against Scump, and even though that win came back in Advanced Warfare, he isn’t letting the OpTic star forget about it – even though Scump has a ton more event wins.

After another fan pointed out the huge difference in the two pros’ success, the former FaZe star added: “Facts are facts gotta respect them. I love Seth but he knows when it comes to grand finals, if I’m in his way he should just throw in the towel and get ready for the next event.”

While some may have taken Censor’s comments as jokes, he at least still has that trademark confidence that all CoD pros need if they’re going to be a success.

Even though he may still be out of the competitive scene, it might not be all that long before we see him back on the main stage if Censor gets his way.