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Retired pro Censor teases a return to competitive CoD with a top organization

Published: 22/Dec/2018 20:26

by Calum Patterson


Former FaZe Clan, compLexity and Lightning Pandas player Doug ‘Censor’ Martin continues to tease a possible return to competing, following his retirement after the CoD: WWII season.

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Initially planning to compete in the Black Ops 4 season, expected to be a part of the new Evil Geniuses lineup, it was a surprise when Censor announced what was his second retirement from pro CoD.

It is believed that his spot on EG was nearly official, but a last minute choice to recruit Tyler ‘FeLo’ Johnson instead, forced Censor out.

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However, following the first event of the season, Censor said on Twitter that there are teams that “need my help”, and followed up with a YouTube video stating plainly that he wanted back on the FaZe roster.


FaZe have officially traded Anthony ‘Zinni’ Methodz to G2, replacing him with Cellium, but that doesn’t mean Censor has no options.

Rumors sparked that Evil Geniuses were looking to make a change, after EG player Renato ‘Saints’ Forza was spotted practicing with Pittsburgh Knights – meaning a slot is potentially available, and EG player John ‘Xotic’ Bruno hinted at Censor with this picture posted to twitter.

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At first, it seemed more likely that Xotic was just trolling his followers rather than making a meaningful hint, but Censor himself responded.

Fuelling speculation, the three time champion quoted Xotic’s teaser with a hint of his own, using the hashtag ‘#Rostermania’.


This too could very easily be a joke, intended to get Censor’s fans’ hopes up, but it is not as unrealistic as it sounds – if EG really are making a roster change for Saints.

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Now former G2 player Ricky ‘Ricky’ Stacy has stated that he is still looking for options, so it appears EG are not making a move for him instead of Saints. Ricky was in fact also spotted practicing with Pittsburgh Knights.

Another option for Evil Geniuses would be Brice ‘Faccento’ Faccento, but he too claimed he was a free agent, so EG are perhaps not making a move for him either. EG coach John ‘Revan’ Boble even wished Faccento good luck.


So who knows, perhaps Censor will end up on the Evil Geniuses roster after all.