FormaL & Clayster call out CDL pros for exploiting minimap bug

Andy Williams

With the Call of Duty League main season done and dusted, some notable CoD pros have banded together and encouraged Infinity Ward to fix the ‘start glitch’ before CDL Champs kicks off.

An exploit which originally surfaced in MW2 has made an unsolicited return to Modern Warfare, mere weeks before the start of the biggest Call of Duty event in the game’s history.

Aptly referred to as the ‘start glitch,’ the exploit allows players to briefly locate their enemies’ position on the minimap by opening up the start menu during the killcam players see after dying.

With a total of $4.6 million up for grabs at CDL Champs in August, Huntsmen’s FormaL and co. have expressed their concerns with the glitch still being in the game as we approach the first ever online world championships for Call of Duty.

Chicago Huntsmen's FormaL.
FormaL has been competing at the highest level for many years.

Following the Chicago Huntsmen’s early exit during CDL Toronto, the former world champ urged the developers to fix the glitch, given the obvious implications it can have on the CDL Champs.

“They need to fix this start glitch (or whatever), I didn’t know it was like that,” FormaL began in his Tweet.

“And if you’re a pro and you used it this weekend, you’re just a weirdo and should feel ashamed even though I know you probably don’t… ‘The other team is doing it blah, blah.’”

London Royal Ravens’ Flex player, Matthew ‘skrapz’ Marshall, was quick to draw parallels to how long it took Infinity Ward to nerf the MP5, saying: “Matt, it took nine months to nerf the MP5. Chalk it brother, grind out this month do everything you can in your power to try to win Champs.”

With that in mind, Subliners’ Tommy ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto suggested turning off killcams as a temporary solution before Champs. And while this is far from ideal, it would avoid players being able to unfairly gain an advantage via the exploit.

FormaL wasn’t the only one to call for a fix, with Dallas Empire’s James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks also venting his concerns. Huntsmen’s Alec ‘Arcitys’ Sanderson swiftly replied, suggesting Modern Warfare’s glitch has teams “throwing integrity out of the window,” which is no surprise, considering the amount of cash that is on the line.

Of course, there’s still time left for Infinity Ward to push out a hotfix to resolve the issue before Champs begins on August 20.

Although, it’s worth noting that the bug is yet to appear on the developer’s Issue Tracker at the time of writing.