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First look at Rebirth Island night version & new Control Center POI in Warzone

Published: 22/Apr/2021 0:27

by Theo Salaun


The highly anticipated Warzone Season 3 Nuke Event led to the release of a new nighttime Rebirth Island, along with a brand new POI called Control Center – here’s what you need to know.

Players have been looking forward to Warzone’s “Nuke Event” for months now and the developers kept things very coy ahead of the big days. With a series of events bringing in the launch of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3, fans of the battle royale have dropped into nonstop new content.

On April 21, the first part of the event was called “Destruction of Verdansk Part 1.” That was enough to get over a million people tuned in on Twitch, leading into Part 2: “Aftermath — Rebirth Island,” which takes players to a nighttime version of Warzone’s smaller map. 


With the first event’s playlist getting shut down, fans have turned to Rebirth Island. Now, it’s dark and full of more surprises than just enemies, as the mode has a new POI and a variety of clues that people are still deciphering.

Rebirth Island night mode revealed during Warzone Nuke Event

warzone rebirth island night mode

After Verdansk got nuked in the “Destruction” event, players move over to Rebirth Island — where the developers explain that people can “search for clues amid the aftermath.” Additionally, three modes are available: Resurgence, Mini Royale, and Kingslayer.

Like Verdansk’s Halloween events, this version of Rebirth Island is given the nighttime treatment. An exciting twist to the action, the map’s makeover makes building interiors much brighter and the outdoors much spookier.


Another thing that people are appreciating about the new map is that you can see a nuked Verdansk off in the distance, with a gigantic, fiery mushroom cloud contrasted against the night sky. As for where to “search for clues”? The new “Control Center” POI is a good place to start.


New Control Center location on Rebirth Island night mode

Replacing the divisive Construction area adjacent to Prison, a new multi-level building named “Control Center” has been added. The large structure is not only a brand-new area to loot and fight in, but seems to have a variety of clues for the game’s ongoing story.

At the time of writing, players are still figuring out what comes next and how to use the intel they’ve found. After these April 21 events, much more is planned for Season 3’s launch; according to the schedule, Season 3 will launch on April 21 at 9 PM ET and then another Rebirth Island event will take place on April 22 at 12 PM PT.


Verdansk is nuked, Rebirth Island is transforming, and all players can do is stick to the universal CoD mantra: stay frosty.