FaZe Clan’s Priestahh and Lightning Pandas Xotic Predict OpTic Gaming to Dominate CWL Pro League Division B

In anticipation of the upcoming Division B matches for Stage Two of the CWL Pro League, it sounds like the new look OpTic Gaming roster will be the team to beat – according to fellow professionals.

Just recently, eUnited player James “Clayster” Eubanks explained that he reckons OpTic are currently the best team in the game, online at least, and will be top dogs in their division.

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And now, FaZe Clan player Preston “Priestahh” Griener and Lightning Pandas’ John “Xotic” Bruno have explained they also think OpTic is the most in form roster.

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The new team features former Luminosity player Sam “Octane” Larew, replacing the outgoing Matthew “FormaL” Piper, who moved to LG in his place.

They also recruited former Rise Nation and Team Kaliber player Anthony “Zinni” Methodz, who it has been reported was not the team’s first choice, but seems to be settling in well.

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Of course, the new roster are yet to play together in a LAN environment, but based purely on their performances in online scrims, it sound like the moves have paid off.

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When asked who he predicts will come out on top of Division B, Priestahh explains:

“Yeah, I heard OpTic has been fucking nasty.”

And Xotic confirms, explaining that when scrimming, OpTic’s respawn has been peerless.

“We have played ever team in that division, and OpTic in respawn are really fucking good. OpTic in SnD is, not bad. But their respawn, was really good.”

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Many predict OpTic’s toughest test will be up against CWL Seattle champions Rise Nation, who are a particularly strong Search and Destroy team.

And of course the most anticipated match will be the grudge contest against Luminosity, as FormaL will be desperate to take down his previous teammates.

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Division B matches begin on Tuesday May 29th, with OpTic vs Luminosity scheduled for the last match of day one.