FaZe Apex pro smashes desk as teams bombs out of ALGS NA pro league

Declan Mclaughlin
FaZe Clan Snip3down

The stakes were high during the final few matches of ALGS NA Pro League, and the moment seemed to get to FaZe Clan player Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona who raged out after being eliminated.

ALGS is gearing up for Split 1 Playoffs, which will take place sometime in May as teams have already started to qualify for the international tournament.

While the best teams are busy qualifying for LAN, the worst teams across every ALGS league are being relegated to their regional qualifiers.

During Round 3 of the North American ALGS competition, one player let his emotions take over after his squad was eliminated during a match.

FaZe Snip3down rages out during ALGS Pro League

FaZe Clan player Snip3down slammed his desk after a particularly frustrating sequence for the Apex Legends team. The squad was eliminated just outside of the top 10, and later in the day was relegated from the league based on their performance during the regular season.

During the play, Snip3down was downed and slowly made his way to his team before being eliminated by an enemy. His viewers then heard several loud bangs, seemingly from the player slamming his desk.

Snip3down and FaZe have not had the best season in 2024. The team restructured around Snip3down during the off-season, bringing in two new players and not signing a coach.

FaZe was a LAN staple in 2023, attending the ALGS Championship and Split 2 Playoffs. The team placed in the top six at both events. Now, the crew will miss the first LAN of 2024 and will have to play their way back into the league or sign a roster already in the league to stay in NA ALGS.

What the future holds for Snip3down and FaZe Clan in Apex Legends esports remains to be seen.