Facebook Gaming Warzone streamer claims platform doesn’t ban blatant hackers

Jaret Kappelman
Facebook Gaming Warzone streamer claims platform benefits from hackers
Activision / Facebook

Facebook Gaming’s community guidelines have been called into question as a streamer is accusing the platform of not banning obvious cheaters and making money off of them.

Hacking is highly frowned upon in the gaming community. Moreover, it is a violation of terms in many games as well as streaming platforms.

Yet, Facebook Gaming has always been a step behind when it comes to properly punishing these cheaters.

In response to an article about a Facebook streamer that has blatantly cheated on the platform, Glimmerman101 sent in proof to Dexerto that Facebook doesn’t have an issue with people that hack on their broadcast.

Facebook Gaming streamer shows platform ignoring hackers 

Warzone FB Gaming cheaters
This was a response Glimmerman101 received when reporting an obvious hacker that was streaming.

As seen in the picture above, Glimmerman sent video proof of a Facebook streamer that was using blatant hacks while live. Facebook responded to him stating, “We reviewed the video again and confirmed that it doesn’t go against any of our Community Standards.”

However, back in February of 2021, the platform reportedly said that “cheating is not welcome on Facebook Gaming.” The streaming service said they would demonetize cheaters, which prevents them from being part of the Level Up program and receiving star donations.

Despite this, Glimmerman said, “I have seen many times with them [hackers] receiving star donations during the stream.” When star donations are purchased, Facebook takes a percentage of that profit for itself.

So not only are the ratty streamers earning a profit, the platform they are using is making money as well. The problems don’t end here, he also feels that there isn’t a great way to report these offenders.

Facebook Gaming doesn’t have “actual methods” to report 

Facebook Gaming logo
Facebook Gaming
When you report a Facebook Gaming streamer for cheating no action is taken.

Glimmerman thinks that Facebook has a flawed reporting system as whenever you report a hacker you are told: “it’s not against Community Standards.”

The solution he was provided by a Facebook official was that if he doesn’t like seeing streamers that hack then “you can hide the content so it won’t show on your feed.” Instead of actually removing these people from their platform they are just telling viewers to cover their eyes from it.

While this is just one case brought to attention, there could be much more similar to this. One thing is certain, gamers don’t like hackers and this is some blinding proof that Facebook is trying to eliminate the problem.