World Champion ACHES explains why he’s not happy with the upcoming CWL season’s prize pool

Albert Petrosyan

Evil Geniuses’ Call of Duty pro Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price is not too happy about the $6 million prize pool set for the upcoming CoD World League season. 

The $6 million prize pool, announced on September 19, is the highest ever for a single competitive Call of Duty season, and considerably more than the $4.2 million it was for the WWII campaign.

Despite this fact, the reigning world champion took to social media to denounce the amount, calling it “weak,” and the announcement “misleading.”

ACHES made the point that the prize pool, despite being larger than before in terms of its amount, has only been increased proportionally to the extra player each team will have on its roster and that the players themselves will essentially still be receiving the same share of prizes.

He later went on to further express his disappointment at the fact that the CWL has not turned to crowdfunding as a way to boost the prize pool for this season. 

While what ACHES said is not entirely true – not every single title uses crowdfunding for its esports scene – major competitive titles such as League of Legends and Dota 2 do rely on crowdfunding to able to feature massively inflated prize pools for competitive events.

Even CS:GO, which does not use crowdfunding, features in-game cosmetic items based on esports teams, for which the profits are split between Valve and the organizations. 

That has been something that ACHES, and others, have rallied for a long time, asking Activision to include team camos and items in-game and use some of the profits to help fund CWL prize pools.