Enable & Pacman explain why Atlanta FaZe are almost a CoD dynasty

Enable and Pacman discuss Atlanta FaZe dynastyActivision/YouTube: Dexerto Call of Duty

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The term ‘dynasty’ is thrown around a lot in the Call of Duty esports world, but Reverse Sweep hosts Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt and Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker believe Atlanta FaZe are firmly entering the conversation.

There are only two real dynasties recognized in CoD history: the Complexity/Evil Geniuses team of Black Ops 2 and Ghosts, and the OpTic Gaming dynasty from Advanced Warfare to midway through the World War 2 season.

These dynasties are recognized due to extended periods of dominance, going into every event as a clear favorite, every loss a huge shock.

Now, this Atlanta FaZe side have arguably been the most successful team of the CDL-era of Call of Duty, making 12 of 14 finals since the start of the Modern Warfare season. Enable and Pacman argue on Reverse Sweep that, despite some believing differently, FaZe are firmly in the dynasty conversation.

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Atlanta FaZe win Stage 4 MajorAtlanta FaZe
Atlanta FaZe are undoubtedly the best team of the CDL era.

It’s something the community have discussed a lot throughout the Cold War season. There’s no doubt Atlanta FaZe have been the best team in the game this year, and certainly top-two last year, but the dynasty conversation is more nuanced.

“No team has done anything close to that since that OpTic dynasty team,” Enable said, referencing their 12 grand finals appearances in 14. “People hate the dynasty term, but you’ve got to start talking about it.”

Pacman then points out that while FaZe are winning a lot now, they’ve still got to win Champs — and maintain momentum after.

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Pac also points out that the style of CoD played could factor heavily into the future of this Atlanta FaZe side.

“Simp and aBeZy have never actually played a different style of CoD,” he said. “Boots on the ground was complexity, then we went to jetpacks and it’s OpTic… Now we’re in the slide cancelling CoD and they’re the best team at it. If it were to change to something else, that might be something that hinders them.”

As we reach the business end of the season, the pressure is on Atlanta to become world champions when the event rolls around. If they do, it would be hard to deny the dynasty description. They’ve already won three of the four Majors to have taken place, and look utterly unstoppable.

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