Dr Disrespect suggests major Warzone change to counter OP weapons like Sykov pistols

Dr Disrespect talking to mic and Sykov pistol in WarzoneYouTube: Dr Disrespect/Activision

Streaming star Dr Disrespect has got an idea for a pretty big change in Warzone that could help combat the OP weapons that run riot with every passing update. 

Ever since Warzone first launched over a year ago, it’s had its fair share of issues with weapon balancing. Each new big update seems to bring an overpowered weapon that takes a little while to be whipped into shape. 

The Sykov pistols, which were dropped into the battle royale on April 15, have become the latest OP weapon in the game thanks to the ridiculous rate of fire it has, as well as the magazine size and ability to run it with the akimbo perk. 

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Plenty of players have already labeled the pistols as worse than the DMR meta, and while Raven have confirmed that they’re being nerfed in Season 3, Dr Disrespect has got a bigger idea in mind. 

warzone pistols akimbo sykov dual wieldActivision
The Akimbo Sykov pistols are deadly in Warzone.

The Doc finally got his hands on the new pistols during his April 16 stream and was pretty blown away by the power he possessed while using them. Like others, he called them broken and said they needed a nerf. 

“I feel like I’m playing a limited-time mode,” Doc said after using the pistols in a few games. On top of that, The Two-Time asked CourageJD and ZLaner if a bigger change should be made to players themselves. “Do you think at this point they should tune the player health and shield?” the YouTuber added. 

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ZLaner suggested that players should be able to use extra plates instead of the three that are currently in use as that could help combat some of the frustrations caused by OP weapons. 

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Given his history with developing Call of Duty games, the Doc doesn’t shy away from suggesting changes, even if, sometimes, he lets out his signature rage and goes off on a tangent. 

Buffing health and shields could be an idea for Raven, perhaps as a limited-time mode, but as a more permanent change, it seems unlikely.

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