Major weapon balancing announced for Black Ops Cold War Season 2 midseason update

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call of duty black ops cold war midseason 2 weapon tuning ak74u krig

Treyarch have revealed a huge list of guns that will be nerfed or buffed during Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Season 2 midseason update on March 29, including the AK-74u, Krig 6 and FFAR 1.

Fans of Black Ops Cold War multiplayer and Warzone have been eyeing the midseason update for weeks now and finally, have some more details. Deploying on the week of March 29, Treyarch have announced a huge range of weapons that they will be tuned during the update.

Ranging from the Call of Duty League’s preferred AK-74u submachine gun and Krig 6 assault rifle all the way down to the Magnum pistol and RPG-7 launcher, the guns revealed could change the game dramatically.

Interestingly, the devs did note that they are addressing more than just specific guns, but also taking a broad pass at three entire classes of weapons: SMGs, assault rifles and LMGs.

AK74U Loadout
Treyarch/Activision/YouTube: Hydro
The AK-74u is considered BOCW’s best SMG.

Guns tuned in midseason Season 2 update

  • LC10 (SMG)
  • AK-74u (SMG)
  • MAC-10 (SMG)
  • KSP 45 (SMG)
  • Milano 821 (SMG)
  • Krig 6 (AR)
  • FFAR 1 (AR)
  • Groza (AR)
  • Magnum (Pistol)
  • RPG-7 (Launcher)
  • All Light Machine Guns
  • More

While the specific changes to the guns listed have not been revealed, Treyarch did announce some of the general changes being made in their update preview blog. The developers explained that there will be across-the-board recoil balancing for all AR and SMG attachments.

Additionally, the devs are addressing an issue that has bothered players for a while now — ensuring that launchers do more damage to enemies using the Flak Jacket perk.

krig 6 black ops cold war
The Krig 6 is a seriously impressive AR in Black Ops Cold War.

This announcement is of interest to everyone from casuals to competitive players and CDL fans. The widespread adjustments to LMGs and the recoil adjustments to AR and SMG attachments are very intriguing, as those affect the majority of the game’s weaponry.

Additionally, specific changes to guns like the AK-74u, Krig 6, and Groza have the potential to disrupt the CDL meta dramatically.

It’s important to note, however, that these changes will be limited to BOCW only and will not apply to Warzone, since updates for the two games are released separately nowadays.

That said, midseason updates in multiplayer are typically accompanied by something similar for Warzone, so battle royale player could expect to see nerfs to the controversially overpowered AUG and FFAR.

For more info on the midseason Season 2 update, including possible Warzone changes, you can check out our hub here.

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