Do Warzone’s Modern Warfare guns have stronger aim assist than Cold War weapons?

TeeP Warzone Aim Assist MW CW Weapons With LogoYouTube / NICKMERCS

Stats in Warzone aren’t always what they seem, and content creator Tyler ‘TeeP’ Polchow has now discovered a potential difference in the way aim assist functions for Modern Warfare weapons compared to their Cold War counterparts.

Aim assist has always been a hotly debated topic in Warzone, especially between controller players and those who use mouse and keyboard. However, it seems like a whole new can of worms may have just been opened in regards to the topic.

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Call of Duty World Champion and current Twitch star TeeP ignited a whole new side to the aim assist conversation by pointing out how the aim assist of Modern Warfare weapons appears to be much stronger than on guns from Black Ops Cold War.

The Envy streamer was stunned to find that the Modern Warfare version of the MP5 seemingly had a much stronger pull when aiming at an enemy player than the Cold War’s iteration of the SMG: “Can some of you try this and tell me if I’m crazy? I think Modern Warfare guns have more aim assist than Cold War guns.”

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In the clip, TeeP dragged his reticle back and forth over another player using both versions of the MP5, with only a barrel attachment equipped. He then demonstrated how the MW weapon appeared to stick on target much more than its Cold War counterpart.

“I’m pretty sure the Modern Warfare one has a lot more aim assist,” he speculated. The content creator was not alone in his assessment, and other pros and players confirmed they had experienced the exact same thing, with one user commenting that he’d “honestly been saying this for ages.”

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In another clip, TeeP tested the same idea using two sniper rifles, the Kar98k from Modern Warfare and the Pellington from Cold War, and the difference in aim assist seemed even clearer. As he dragged the scope across his target, the MW sniper seemed to slow down much more than the CW alternative.

“It just passes through!” the streamer exclaimed at one point while testing the Pellington. While he did confirm that aim assist was still present on the Cold War sniper, he compared the feeling of using it to dragging the scope through sand, while using the Kar98k felt much slower, like pulling it through mud.

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JGOD tests out Modern Warfare vs Cold War aim assist in Warzone

Unsurprisingly, after TeeP shared all of these findings on social media, the community immediately turned to popular Warzone statistician JGOD, asking him to look further into this apparent phenomenon. A day after the mystery surfaced, the YouTuber responded.

In his video, JGOD revealed there are some slight differences in the strength of aim assist between weapons in Warzone. However, these discrepancies aren’t strictly based on which game each gun is from, but instead the FOV modifier of each iron sight and zoom of each scope in the battle royale.

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“A lot of the Modern Warfare guns have different zooms than the Cold War [guns], so there are scenarios that make it feel like your gun is zoomed in or zoomed out more,” the YouTuber explained while breaking down the footage TeeP had shared on Twitter.

“[When you’re zoomed in] that aim assist bubble is much larger within your actual scope, so when you’re dragging across [your target] it’ll actually feel like you have more aim assist because you kind of do,” JGOD revealed, confirming the feeling TeeP expressed in his videos.

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The bottom line is that iron sights and scopes with a higher level of zoom effectively increase the strength of aim assist, so controller players should make sure to take full advantage of weapons that fit that criteria to gain an advantage over their opponents in Warzone.

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