Tfue returns to Warzone & convinces hacker to lose the game on purpose

Theo Salaun
tfue warzone hacker
Twitter, @TTfue / Activision

After what felt like ages, Tfue is back on Call of Duty: Warzone and Twitch viewers are delighted. To commemorate the return, the streamer pulled off the unexpected — successfully convincing a hacker to be a good person.

While Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney can get viewers regardless of the game he plays, many had eagerly anticipated his Verdansk homecoming. And, now that the former Fortnite superstar has made his way back to CoD’s battle royale, the content is flowing.

Tfue enjoys unorthodox weapons like the RAM-7 and that helps contribute to his appeal for a number of Warzone viewers. But it turns out that the streamer has more tricks up his sleeve, as evidenced during a May 6 Warzone session.

While running around, messing with the new CARV.2 Tactical Rifle, he discovered there was a cheater in the lobby who was actually watching his stream, which gave him the perfect opportunity to communicate with the hacker.

Beamed out of a vehicle, Tfue was left in stunned silence. Then, seeing the hacker pick up the streamer’s beloved RAM assault rifle, he had a concerned premonition: “Now, an aim-botter has my RAM. Great, great. This is going to go over well.”

Already sitting on 21 kills, things did not go over well for the rest of the lobby as the hacker continued on to pile up another 10. Eventually, it was cheater versus one last player — and that’s when Tfue worked some magic.

“Come on, let him win. You killed 31 people, just let him win, dude!” he pleaded with a wry smile on his face.


With Tfue pleasing the case for humanity and fairness, the hacker was slowly swayed. He proceeded to put his gun away, spray paint the air, and die to the gas as Twitch chat erupted in applause.

And, as a final message for viewers who had been so excited for Tfue’s return to Warzone, the streamer reminded everyone to look on the bright side: “Listen, bro. He’s a f**king cheating c*ck piece of s**t. But at least he’s not a cheating c*ck piece of s**t.”