CWL Anaheim Pro Pools Have Been Finalized Ahead of the $200,000 Tournament

The Pools for CWL Anaheim have been finalized with just a week left before the $200,000 event kicks off on June 15th.

The event will be the sixth major tournament of the current CWL season and will feature over 160 teams fighting for a piece of the massive prize pool and the glory of a Call of Duty championship.

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The tournament will use a standard format the features the 16 teams currently in the CWL Pro League Stage 2 separated across four groups, or Pools.

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Each Pool will also include a fifth team, which will be determined once the tournament’s Open Bracket concludes later on during the competition’s first day.

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The first seed of each Pool is occupied by the current top two teams within the Pro League’s two Divisions.

Division A’s top two teams Red Reserve and Evil Geniuses are the top seeded teams of Pools A and C respectively, while Division B’s leaders Rise Nation and OpTic Gaming lead Pools B and C.

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After the teams within each Pool have all played each other once, the top two teams advance to the the Winners Bracket Round 1, while the remaining three teams have to start off the knockout stages in the Losers Bracket.

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Team Roster
1 Red Reserve Joee, Rated, Zer0, Skrapz
2 eUnited Arcitys, Prestinni, Clayster, FeLonY
3 FaZe Clan ZooMaa, Attach, Replays, Preistahh
4 Tainted Minds Nimble. Damage, Swifty, Swiftaz0r
5 Open Bracket Team TBD
Team Roster
1 Rise Nation Loony, TJHaly, Gunless, SlasheR
2 Team Kaliber Accuracy, Kenny, Fero, Enable
3 Luminosity Gaming Slacked, JKap, John, FormaL
4 Epsilon eSports Dqvee, Vortex, Hawqeh, Reedy
5 Open Bracket Team TBD
Team Roster
1 Evil Geniuses ACHES, Apathy, Assault, SiLLY
2 UNILAD Esports wuskin, Seany, Alexx, Zed
3 Echo Fox Saints, Faccento, Aqua, Temp
4 Mindfreak BuZZO, Shockz, Fighta, Denz
5 Open Bracket Team TBD
Team Roster
1 OpTic Gaming Scump, Crimsix, Octane, Methodz
2 Team EnVy Classic, Huke, Chino, Decemate
3 compLexity Gaming Ricky, Censor, Blazt, Dashy
4 Splyce Bance, Jurd, Madcat, Joshh
5 Open Bracket Team TBD

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