Crimsix claims only three players could replace Arcitys on Atlanta FaZe

Jacob Hale
Crimsix on stream talking about Arcitys replacement for Atlanta FaZe

The Call of Duty League offseason rostermania is in full swing, and Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has revealed his top three picks for who Atlanta FaZe will want to pick up to replace Alec ‘Arcitys’ Sanderson — and one of them could be a realistic possibility heading into Modern Warfare 2.

On Sunday, August 21, Dexerto reported that Arcitys will be joining the Los Angeles Guerrillas for the 2023 CDL season. He is set to be joined by current LAG players Kris ‘Spart’ Cervantez, Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland, and Travis ‘Neptune’ McCloud.

The buyout has been paid and the team looks to be in motion. While there were rumors that FaZe were interested in bringing in OpTic Texas’ Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell, he re-signed with OpTic after the roster rumor mill ran rampant, with the 2022 season team running it back for MW2.

That leaves Atlanta FaZe down a player, though. Arcitys was a huge influence on their dominant Cold War season, the IGL the team needed to help push them to a level few CoD teams have ever seen.

Now, with rumors around role swaps, FaZe are looking for a new Assault Rifle aficionado to lead them back to those unprecedented levels of glory — and Crimsix has named the three players he thinks best fit the mold.

“If FaZe does not get Sib … You don’t drop Arcitys for anyone else,” he claimed. “Sib, Dashy… That’s the start of the list, end of the list. It could also be Pred.”

While Dashy is now unavailable after signing his new contract with OpTic Texas, Daunte ‘Sib’ Gray and Amer ‘Pred’ Zulbeari will have the interest from a lot of teams after their incredible rookie season performances for Seattle Surge, including a Rookie of the Year award for Pred.

While Sib is a more natural fit, able to slide straight into the team with an AR in hand, Pred could come in and allow Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr to move to a flex, thus breaking up the Tiny Terrors SMG duo that has reigned over the league for so many years now.

Crimsix himself is also looking for a team, having been dropped by the New York Subliners after their tumultuous season. While he’s claimed things are looking slow, the situation is constantly evolving and he may well find himself on a team when Modern Warfare 2 comes out.